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The Wit and Wisdom of Ozzy Osbourne Something to read while taking a dump. 2.5 5.0 If you have read I Am Ozzy , you don t need to read this book This is a collection of quotes by Ozzy and you have read most of them Besides, there are some similar quotes on different chapters I think it was like a dilute I Am Ozzy. Great if you can ignore typos.This would have been given 5 stars of there weren t so many typos, misspellings, random spaces, and words tied together The content is great, but some is repeated and seems disorderly at times Despite the hassle of readability, I loved this book. This book has little substance It s a collection of quotes by Ozzy, taken from magazine interviews and books They are loosely held together by snippets of information given to us by the author at the start of each chapter Some of these quotes, taken out of context, make Ozzy sound farsinister than he s ever been.I am a big Ozzy fan but this book bored me Nothing here is new Much of this can be found in Ozzy s autobiography I Am Ozzy which is farentertaining. Other books of Ozzy are better Dont bother to read. After having read I am Ozzy , this book was such a let down I am a huge fan of Ozzy and Black Sabbath and figured anything about them would be a great read, but this book fell short It wasn t terrible it just wasn t well written In fact, there is very little writing IN the book it is made up mostly of quotes from mostly Ozzyall taken out of context and just thrown together I really was disappointed Definitely recommend you reading I am Ozzy Leave this one alone The Prince of Darkness is a pretty witty guy It s nice of Dave Thompson to write it all down, cause you can t understand a word he says D All Aboard the Crazy TrainThis is Ozzy Osbourne in all his raw and unfiltered glory four decades worth of his best quotes, oddest observations, risque retorts, and yes, even articulate ponderings Ozzy might come across as a nutter and rightly so , but when you sit down and seriously consider what he s saying well, he s f king Ozzy Osbourne and he s got things to say The Prince of Darkness sounds off on various topics including Black Sabbath We thought, Let s scare the whole f king planet with music Drugs and Alcohol I was always a miserable drunk Rehab I still take medication, but not for fun Himself I don t know who Ozzy is I wake up a new person every day The Wit Wisdom of Ozzy Osbourne reveals Ozzy s philosophy of life and reflects the spirit of the man who made Black Sabbath famous, Christian groups frightened, and The Osbournes a hit reality TV show Bathroom read for fans only Nothing earth shattering here for a true Ozzy fan Keep it on the toilet tank next to Uncle John s Bathroom Reader.

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