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The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 02 Welcomed into the arms of the Giou clan and the Zweilt, Yuki reaches out to his comrades even as he is drawn into their war with the darkness But the demonic Duras continue to spread their malevolence around Yuki, and the members of his new family are not impervious either, as one of their own vanishes without a trace and yet another is cornered by a sudden ambush In the Zweilt, Yuki may well have found the long sought after place he belongs, but the enemy seems intent on stealing it out of his grasp forever And when the shadowy figure of Reiga, the nemesis of the Giou, finally steps into the light, will Yuki find himself utterly alone, crushed by the weight of the truth

10 thoughts on “The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 02

  1. Miss Susan Miss Susan says:

    Oh my God, this ridiculous melodramatic manga I kept vacillating between insulting the characters these melodramatic fools and loving on them helplessly because I am an emotional sucker _ My feeling are complicated okay Sometimes girls simultaneously want to hug a character and

  2. Catherine Catherine says:

    Though the smiles and the tears they ve lived on by sharing with each other haven t they And amidst battling the duras with our lives on the line he s gripped by the fear of losing that one precious person Seeking out the warmth of others wanting with his whole being to be needed

  3. Shawnie Nicole Shawnie Nicole says:

    Tell him Luka Lol damn

  4. Mir Mir says:

    This continues to be a ridiculously emo, overwrought mess and half the time I can t tell who is who, but somehow it is still enjoyable.

  5. Maxine Livingstone Maxine Livingstone says:

    I miss squealing With each new read I becomeexcited and get all tingly Love Love the manga.

  6. Josephine Josephine says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here In this volume we get to seeof Luka s seemingly sad past We also got to know the other charactersShusei, Hotsuma, and Takashiro Again, some parts of this manga made me laugh, and this is why it s on my fa

  7. Kristine Hansen Kristine Hansen says:

    Deep and intense, this is NOT light reading well the weight of the actual volume keeps it from being that already I love how the relationships are deepening, and the plot grows evercomplex This is becoming a favorite series.

  8. Sarah ~Sehrenity~ Sarah ~Sehrenity~ says:

    So Much Angst But hey, sometimes that s what you crave in a story.

  9. Stephanie :} Stephanie :} says:

    While reading this, I noticed how the author kept mentioning at the end of each volume how she was planning to add new characters, and each time I saw that I thought NONONONONO THERE S TOO MANY CHARACTERS IN THIS ALREADY AND THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME PLEASE DO NOT ADD MORE TO THE CONFUSION

  10. Katrina Katrina says:

    Still really enjoying this story So far, the anime follows everything pretty closely, but the manga definitely fills in some of the gaps that I d had questions about while watching There s a little bitof Luka and Yuki s backstory and some absolutely deliciously wrenching angst , but the

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