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Quadrivium: Number Geometry Music Heaven The six bestselling Wooden Books dealing with the numerical Liberal Arts are here bound in one volume

10 thoughts on “Quadrivium: Number Geometry Music Heaven

  1. Douglas Wilson Douglas Wilson says:

    This was a lot of fun I would have given it five stars if it hadn t been for the New Agey stuff that popped in from time to time But at the same time, this book provided a wealth of information about the world we live in.

  2. Peter (Pete) Mcloughlin Peter (Pete) Mcloughlin says:

    The four liberal arts of the Quadrivium complemented the Trivium to make for seven liberal arts of a free person in the ancient world The parts of the Trivium were Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric The parts of the Quadrivium were ordered as the study of quantity arithmetic , the study of spatial patterns geometry , The study of patterns in time music , the study of patterns in time and space astronomy These were all

  3. Joshua Joshua says:

    Fascinating Shows an extraordinary and intriguing beauty and order in the universe Why, for instance, do musical harmonic intervals show up in planetary orbits Or why the number of leaves on many species of growing plants can be predicted by one simple sequence of numbers The universe doesn t appear to be so random Recommended for artists who don t get science and scientists who don t get art.

  4. Marcus Marcus says:

    Curious person Then I would suggest reading this book I mean seriously, who the hell wouldn t want to learn about Epigrams, Phyllotaxis, or Li Symmetries.

  5. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I was both fascinated and frustrated by this book I found much of it interesting, but each topic went from simple to complex quickly, and I needed to read itslowly to absorbThe book is has written explanations on the left side page and illustrations on the right Often, the illustrations would ve been easier to make out if they d been printed on larger paper sometimes the captions were too small for me to read even with reading gl

  6. Matt Matt says:

    As much as I d love to, I couldn t quite give this book 5 stars The first few chapters are beautifully written and illustrated but some of the later stuff is muchdry though equally as fascinating in some respects I d need to give the chapters on music onward another read to truly appreciate it I think Still, it s overall an astounding book, highly recommend it to anyone with a general interest in philosophy, science, or music.

  7. Amanda Pearl Amanda Pearl says:

    An incredibly fun, well illustrated and densely packed read Anyone will enjoy, but this isn t for the faint of heart there s a lot of information packed into these pages and sometimes you ll want to reread the same section or go back to a previous chapter to refresh your memory.A wonderful look at the classical arts geometry, arithmetic, music and cosmology, Quadrivium connects dots and expounds on the math and beauty constantly swimming in

  8. Beverly J. Beverly J. says:

    Can I give thisthan 5 stars oh my goodness did I relish in this book There was a whole hell of a lot I did not understand, but I amthan ready, willing and able to delve intoof this author s work Bring it on

  9. Aaron Cummings Aaron Cummings says:

    I thought I had received a classical education Then I found this book

  10. Josiah Josiah says:

    Fascinating book on the Quadrivium I learned a lot from it At times the book went beyond my ability to understand it particularly in the geometry and music sections , but it was accessible for the most part The biggest thing I gained from this, however, was not specific knowledge about the Quadrivium, but a better grasp on the larger point of the Quadrivium and how the Quadrivium is meant to be viewed or rather, how the Quadrivium is to reshape our own views

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