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Dragon Weir In her Dragon s Arms, she s safe from all harmOr is she Star knew all of her problems had been solved She had a mate, a Quad, a family Now she only had to immerse herself in the mysterious and sometimes dangerous world of her found people, the DragonishOnly, life is never as simple as it seemsA Destiny controlled by ancient legends, plagued by rumors, attacked by an unknown nemesis, Star realizes that she will play a larger part in her Quad It is up to her to protectThe Dragon Weir

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  1. Maura Maura says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Fair warning this ends with a cliffhanger and it appears the author has not yet completed the series It s been about 8 years now since this book was written, so I m not sure how likely there is to be a continuation of the series Thus, you may never know how this saga endsor perhaps you could just invent your own ending I hate cliffhangers Even in a finished series I hate them, because now there

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