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Sozaboy Sozaboy describes the fortunes of a young naive recruit in the Nigerian Civil War from the first proud days of recruitment to the disillusionment, confusion and horror that follows The author s use of rotten English a mixture of Nigerian pidgin English, broken English and idiomatic English makes this a unique and powerful novel

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  1. Samir Rawas Sarayji Samir Rawas Sarayji says:

    I m fond of reading Nigerian Literature Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Ben Okri, Helon Habila are amongst my favorite authors and now, I include Ken Saro Wiwa Perhaps it s the nostalgia of having grown up in Lagos as an infant to the end of my teens that echoes the setting in the back of my mind while I read th

  2. dely dely says:

    I was really curious to read this book after have seen Black Gold The movie doesn t talk about Ken Saro Wiwa, but it deals with one of the most tragic problems of Nigeria multinational oil companies that exploited the land without worrying about the inhabitants health or the environment Ken Saro Wiwa has been killed in 1995

  3. Lucinda Lucinda says:

    Ken Saro Wiwa was executed in 1995 after a show trial by Abacha s military government Saro Wiwa was a well known activist against the environmental degradation of the Niger Delta owing to the oil industry s extraction of oil with no care or consideration for the local ecology As an Oboni tribe member, who live in and around the

  4. Trevor Trevor says:

    Sozaboy Sozaboy is a story about a young African boy that tells his story in horrible broken English This is a well written story that has a mix of adventure, and a large amount of emotion spread through the story This story starts out with Sozaboy telling his life story in his village As the story unfolds there is a very important

  5. Scooby Scooby says:

    great book about a soldier sozaboy during nigerian civil warthe pidgin English was difficult to follow at times so took me a long time to read the booki felt so bad for author Mr Ken saro wiwa what a tragic life

  6. Laura Laura says:

    This book is written in what the author called Rotten English In addition to a moving story.Fictional about the Nigerian Civil War in the 1960s following the life of Soza boy soldier boy the main character who fought for Biafra and was captured prisoner The story is based on the real events in Saro Wiwa s homeland of Nigeria Soza Boy is a m

  7. Zack Zack says:

    honestly i think this book is a masterpiece both for what it says about war and for what it does with language.

  8. Lucile Lucile says:

    Mene is a boy from the village of Dukana, Nigeria Apprentice drive, he lives with his mom The civil war approaches He met in the nearby town a pretty girl, Agnes, Agnes with JJC you ll have to read the book to understand Born in Dukana, and having lived in Lagos Of course, he wants to marry her To please Agnes with JJC , he will wear a uniform, sin

  9. LA Brower LA Brower says:

    Sentence diagrammers beware Written in rotten English, a dialect invented by Saro Wiwa himself complete with it s own grammatical and syntactical rules dependent clauses can function as complete sentences, etc which incorporates Nigerian Pidgin English, Broken English, and Idiomatic English, it may take several pages to get into the flow of the languag

  10. Pauli Pauli says:

    Int the novel Sozaboy, the main character life is told The reader is told what he does for a living and how he came to get it, about how he spends his past time and about his life in his village The story develops further with Sozaboy meeting a girl in his favorite bar He finds her attractive and wants to marry her She says she will only marry a soldier Af

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