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A Dark and Deadly Valley The Ghosts Of Lonesome British Soldiers Wander The Rubble Strewn Beach Of Dunkirk A Black Wave Grows To Devour A Japanese Fleet Only Divine Intervention Can Save The Citizens Of A Charred Dresden Something Dark Prowls The Bowels Of The Fuhrer S Bunker Radioactive Mutants Hunt Fresh Flesh Through The Streets Of Hiroshima In The Pulp Tradition Of Weird War Tales, And Filled With Mystery, Madness And The Macabre, A DARK AND DEADLY VALLEY Hovers Along The Borderland Between Horror And History Editor Mike Heffernan Has Brought Together Horror S Best Known Authors To Explore The Violence Of The Second World War And Its Lasting Affect On Collective Memory They Report Back From The Fright Filled Front Lines To Illuminate The Past With A Dark Light, Put Fresh Meat On Its Bones And Make It Come Alive Through Shock And Suspense So Have Your Enfields Clutched Tight, Boys, Your Bayonets Fixed And Keep Your Heads Low There S Some Dark Stuff Lurking In These Pages.

About the Author: Mike Heffernan

Born in the historic harbour city of St John s, Newfoundland, Mike Heffernan was trained as a historical researcher at Memorial University He now edits fiction in a variety of genres Rig An Oral History of the Ocean Ranger Disaster is his first non fiction book.

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    This is copy 18 of 600 signed copies The Book contains the following When Killing Each Other Isn t Quite Enough by John Skipp After Dunkirk by T.M Wright The Coventry Boy by Graham Joyce The Honor Guard by Paul Finch In the Dark and the Deep by Steve Vernon Simple Equations by Jeremy Robert Johnson The Night is an Ally by Scott Nicholson Come Unto Me by Elizabeth Massie And the Worm Shall Feed by Harry Shannon At Angels

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