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Fiasco From The Washington Post S Two Time Pulitzer Winning Senior Pentagon Reporter, The Definitive Military Chronicle Of The Iraq War And A Searing Judgment Of Its Gross Strategic Blindness Drawing On The Accounts Of Senior Military Officers Giving Voice To Their Anger For The First Time Unabridged CDs 20 CDs, 24 Hours

10 thoughts on “Fiasco

  1. Will Byrnes Will Byrnes says:

    Thomas Ricks image from the Bangor Daily News Fiasco offers a very detailed look into the disaster that has been the US invasion of Iraq For those of us who have readthan a few books on the subject there is an unavoidable repetition of information seen elsewhere, but th

  2. Trevor Trevor says:

    Although there is lots of detail provided in this aptly titled book about the fiasco that has been the US adventure in Iraq, that isn t really the main point of this book or the reason why anyone should read it It is also not the main lesson to be gained from reading it This

  3. Taryn Taryn says:

    When Fiasco first came out naturally there were many opinions on it, ranging from fantastic to trash I kept some of the bad reviews I d seen and heard in mind as I read this book, trying to look for evidence to prove those bad reviews were well founded Frankly, I didn t find any su

  4. KOMET KOMET says:

    This is the definitive book on the Iraq War to date It provides ample evidence that the G.W Bush regime, along with the Pentagon and the CIA, made a false casus belli for war with Iraq, keenly anticipating an easy victory with Iraqis greeting American soldiers with garlands of flowers as

  5. Steven Peterson Steven Peterson says:

    Retrospective on another important book published some years ago on Iraq How has the work held up Thomas Ricks book, Fiasco, was part of an increasing body of literature, featuringandbooks based on the words and experiences of insiders, government and military officials talking after the fact,

  6. Tom Tom says:

    I had initially read the audio book of Ricks follow up to this book, The Gamble, and was impressed enough to get the print version of Fiasco It did not disappoint as a book, even if it highlighted the problems with the current Iraq War.Ricks is a very fair judge He speaks well of many of the fine co

  7. Joe Joe says:

    Touted by John McCain and others as the definitive Iraq War book, Fiasco gives a detailed blow by blow account of the U.S 2003 invasion of Iraq Writing as objectively as possible, Ricks nevertheless gives a scathing account of the mismanagement of the war by Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Bremer, Paul Wolfowitz, D

  8. James James says:

    I ve always enjoyed Thomas Ricks reporting in WaPo, WSJ, etc as well as his earlier book Making the Corps What I appreciated most about Fiasco was its crisp prose and simple level headedness In that, Fiasco confirmed a belief that I have slowly been coming to, that even after we invaded Iraq, it still really mi

  9. Craig Fiebig Craig Fiebig says:

    Critically important but very difficult book to read As one who long supported Iraq II to read such a thorough evisceration of the justification and strategic prosecution of the war was, frankly, heart rending There were errors of negligence, bull headed ness, stress at every level There are two hopeful elements, fir

  10. Pat Pat says:

    An excellent, clear sighted, and well named review of the numerous and heretofore less well known derelictions which contributed so much to the conflict in Iraq As readers of the Washington Post like me know well, Mr Ricks writes wit...

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