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Through the Stonecutter's Window: Poems Indigo Moor s Through the Stonecutter s Window is a sustained and impressive dialogue with the visual arts, history, the natural world, and the poet s dreams and nightmares The verse dances polyrhythmically across and down each page Always in motion, Moor s lines are choreographed to make sense of all that is most elusive in meaning music, violence, love, anger, and desire

10 thoughts on “Through the Stonecutter's Window: Poems

  1. J.C. J.C. says:

    I find myself reading these poems over and over again during my commute, sometimes single stanzas Beautifully crafted work here The imagery and language is well worth multiple readings Very visual and physical, as the back cover says, the physical world Great stuff.

  2. Peter Peter says:

    Really fine poetry That rare book that hits on all cylinders intellect, heart, and spirit.

  3. Keith Carmona Keith Carmona says:

    Well, sort of finished It s a difficult read I kept expecting some kind of continuity with message or idea But it s rather fragmented in its approach I may need to read some of his other works I just couldn t get into this one I tried

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