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Reilly's Luck On of the things usually good with L amour.Are the starting set ups, and attention to detail.This truly started out, as one maybe classic.The spurning of a son, by a greedy mother.A gambler taking him in, raising him into manhood.Teaching him how to live and survive in the west.Also including some European travels and perils.There is much to enjoy about this.As fates and fortunes change.His mother becoming a ruthless, murdering wealthy society member.The changes in Val s luck As he becomes wiser, and also faster with a gun.Starting his own business ventures That begin to fully bear fruit by the end.Not wanting to give things away.A problem that takes away, from the whole.Once again, great beginnings.Yet the finish and wrap up.Just feels rushed.With some of the main villains, not fully getting theirs.You have an idea, what will maybe happen to them.Yet that is left unfinished, for two of them.Still all in all entertaining.With some of the usual ele The library was dimly lit, which irritated him One cannot make a dramatic entrance into a darkened room He was announced, and he strode in. Val Darrant Was Just Four Years Old The Snowy Night His Mother Abandoned Him But Instead Of Meeting A Lonely Death, He Met Will Reilly A Gentleman, A Gambler, And A Worldly, Self Taught Scholar For Ten Years The Each Were All The Family The Other Had, Traveling From Dusty American Boomtowns To The Cities Of Europe Until The Day Reilly S Luck Ran Out In A Roar Of Gunfire But It Wasn T A Gambling Brawl Or A Pack Of Thieves That Sealed Will S Fate It Was A Far Complex Story That Val Would Uncover, One That Touched Upon Val S Nearly Forgotten Childhood, The Woman Who Was Will Reilly S Lost Love, And The Future Of A Growing Country In The Meantime, Val Would Make Sure No One Forgot Will Least Of All The Men Who Killed Him But He Need Not Have Worried, For Will S Enemies Were Now His Own. I m biased about Louis L Amour, so take my review with a grain of salt, but I love everything about his stories They re easy and predictable and they re romantic and reassuring You know who the good guy is and you know he s gonna triumph in the end But he also creates a rich world that you can get into and pretend you re in this rose tinted wild west where there s hope and good feels all around even when the situation seems bleak I grew up reading these western fairy tales, an Very entertaining and quick read My second book by Louis L Amour, this was a terrific read I research most of my choices pretty well and I expected this to be pretty good after reading Shalako last year When it comes to my fiction reading, I wasn t really interested in the Western Genre But I found out that my dad enjoyed reading old Western paperbacks in the last years of his life I was never close to my dad, my parents divorced when I was six years old So I had picked up Shalako in a bit of an effort to maybe connect with my dad I can see from these first two books how he might have been interested in the self reliant loners in the books.The two main characters in Reilly s Luck, Will Reilly and Val Darrant, are both good men who look to do their best in the Wild West I understand L Amour wrote a few series of books with some of the same characters I would pick up in a minute another book about Will or Val The first half of the book would get a big 5 Stars The second half was enjoyable and Reilly s Luck was a good read It had a character to draw the reader in The plot was inciting, even if you could tell what was going to happen This is the first western book that I have read, and I think I will read a few in the future. A five year old boy is taken by his mother s current beau to be abandoned in the wilderness to die But despite being down on his luck and a drunkard, the man cannot bring himself to simply kill the child so he leaves little Valentine Darrant at a friend s place, for the night Reilly is the man, a gambler and a gunslinger, a man both feared and admired When the woman and man pull out before Reilly rises the next day, he s not surprised But the boy is lucky for Reilly and he comes to like the child.For years, Val grows up under the rough, but caring tutelage of this man, learning cards, guns, people, wisdom, and life Then a decade later, he s suddenly and violently alone, and must face the world too young but well raised.This is a pretty solid L Amour outing, one of his better stories A later tale, it is less linear and direct than most, wandering slightly just as the character wanders, from the Alps to New York City to New Orleans, Denver, New M This is one of my favorite books by Mr L Amour I have read almost all of them but I keep coming back to this one over and over I guess in many ways it is a coming of age story Valentine Val Darrant is a boy of four years at the start of the story and it follows him into adulthood There are the typical characters for a western the gamblers, cowboys and outlaws There are mentions of some historical characters which is very much L Amour style, The West was a wild place and Mr L Amour brings all the grit and color to his stories Val is raised by a man named Will Reilly Will is mostly a gambler but as with so many men in the West he has done a number of jobs to make ends meet Will educated himself through reading and observation and he passes that education on to Val Will and Val travel the boom towns and cities of the West, the population centers of the East and parts of Europe They fight Indians and outlaws and avoid as much trouble as they can This is one of my favorite Louis L Amour books A gambler takes in an abandoned child and raises him in the old west Eventually, Rielly, the gambler is ambushed and killed The boy goes east, and gets an education, but eventually returns to the west, ultimately finding himself up against a formidable opponent his birth mother, a ruthless womanh I don t go to Louis L Amour for deep, world changing thought, but fun, adventure, and some history lessons on the old west This is a title I go back to a

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Louis L Amour was an American author L Amour s books, primarily Western fiction, remain enormously popular, and most have gone through multiple printings At the time of his death all 101 of his works were in print 86 novels, 14 short story collections and one full length work of nonfiction and he was considered one of the world s most popular writers Wikipedia

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