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Devilish Dot Bookin the Trek Mi Q an Series Dorothy Dot Araiza is a sex toy maker by trade One would think she has an active social life, but on the contrary, her existence is a rather boring, staid one Dot dreams of finding her happily ever after, of being swept off her feet by Prince Charming not to mention getting laid after eight pathetic years One lightning storm later, all Dot s fevered fantasies will come true But Prince Charming isn t quite what she d been expecting

10 thoughts on “Devilish Dot

  1. Jane Stewart Jane Stewart says:

    Story Brief Dorothy Dot invents and sells sex toys While driving one night in California a storm tosses her car into something which transports her to the planet Khan Gor Men with tails capture her She thinks they plan to eat her like sushi Vaidd is a gargoyle human shifter who senses Dot s presence from miles away He knows that she is his one true bloodmate He flies to get to

  2. Sofia Sofia says:

    This story was hilarious.

  3. Teri Teri says:

    Weird and imaginative, but not very enticing on any level.

  4. Latasha Grooms Latasha Grooms says:

    Another good side bookAnother trip away from Tryston with a tie to a queen in Tryston and I hope they get reacquainted especially as her grandson is a friend s of Dot s husband Viadd It was a crazy sweetish short story Those yenni are everywhere lol While I haven t read naughty Nancy yet, this is another trip to Khon gor and another of the tribes I can only assume it will tie int

  5. Dallass Dallass says:

    Seriously, someone take my phone away Why am I even continuing on with this series Is it just because it is available to borrow from my library s overdrive catalogue and I m desperate to read something This whole world is f cked up.1

  6. Lula Pantoofle Lula Pantoofle says:

    The story of Vaidd and Dot This is a very short tale about a different race the Khan gor I liked it They were a bit like vampires It was a bit short though and the cover feels like it belongs to a totally separate book.

  7. Mari Mari says:

    a bit porny, Funny and something okay when you re looking for a mindless read I wouldn t pay for it , wouldn t recommend it , yet I did read to the end

  8. Heather Heather says:

    Dot a sex toy maker is on her way to Nowhere, California when her car gets hit by lighting Dot her car and some of glorious sex toys find themselves on the Ice Planet of Khan Gor.There she is greeted by a pack of male yenni Yenni live off the sexual orgasmic release And what better way to find out you are in a completly different world than to be stripped by five naked men with tails

  9. MK MK says:

    Another Khan Gor novella from the Trek Mi Q an series This is about Dot which is mentioned at Seized travels to deliver sex toys to Nowhere, California Then after a crash, she d been transported to Khan Gor, where Vaidd finds her getting eaten by male yennis.I m not really into gargoyle like creatures of Khan Gor, I prefer the Trek males, so I just tried to finish this, which I did I

  10. Fannie Fannie says:

    I like Dot so very much She is sassy, brave, and also funny while the hero is just a regular alpha male hero This book have similar storyline with Naughty Nancy, in the same legendary planet hidden in the galaxy, with the same human beast race As this is clearly a novella, like usual, the author didn t give enough flesh to the story It revolved only to the meeting between the hero and

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