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Tete is a boy in a small European like town Recently some odd people have moved into the town, including the young vagrant Geeta who lives under the bridge He befriends her and learns about her tragic past Geeta then asks him to temporarily keep a mysterious clock for her Shortly afterwards a dangerous man appears, one of the very last survivors of a race with powers over life and death Luno

About the Author: Kei Toume

Kei Toume studied at the Tama Art University in Tokyo Her first manga, Rokuj gekij , was published in Comic Burger magazine in 1992 The manga won her the Shiki prize in a contest held by Kodansha in 1993 A year later, her follow up manga Mannequin also won a prize.She started the series Lament of the Lamb in Comic Burger in 1996 This series ran for six years and was adapted into a radio play, an anime and a live action film.In 1999, she began Sing Yesterday For Me, a manga inspired by a song of the Japanese rock group RC Succession In addition, Toume contributes to a lot of fanzines and specialized magazines, and is also active in video games and films.Her manga Kurogane and Lament of the Lamb have been translated into English.

10 thoughts on “Luno

  1. Emi Emi says:

    El dibujo es muy bonito, pero la historia algo irregular A parte de que es m s l gubre de lo que esperaba, tiene cosas que est n bien, pero en general lo he encontrado flojo De vez en cuando parece como si la trama se hubiera saltado algo y fuera a trompicones Y las grandes revelaciones , en fin, un poco deslucidas en mi opini n.

  2. Zardwiz Zardwiz says:

    La historia esta buena, pero la sent a como si faltara mucho mas para desarrollar, muchos momentos fueron muy cortos en su desarrollo.

  3. Chechu Rebota Chechu Rebota says:

    Si goodreads permitiera las medias estrellas en la puntuaci n de los libros, en ese caso Luno se llevar a un 2 y medio sobre 5 El dibujo es fant stico, con esos trazos abocetados y la capacidad de la autora para dibujar a personajes de diferentes edades y crear ambientes, pero la historia no est a la altura Da la sensaci n de que la histo

  4. Lottie Eve Lottie Eve says:

    I have mixed feelings about this manga I did enjoy it but I was also kind of confused at times The way the story is told is pretty neat Chapters are called nights which is very fitting as most of the story happens at night other than a few exceptions at the beginning The premise is really interesting Finding out about a race that could reviv

  5. Paul McCann Paul McCann says:

    A hardcover manga Quite a surprise The cover is very nicely designed and the superfluous addition of Esperanto the title means moon , the chapters are called nokto , or nights adds points the style is solid that far, but the plot s a bit messy and the paneling is too tight Except for the title page of each of the few chapters, panels stay small

  6. Carine Zimmermann Carine Zimmermann says:

    J ai ador ce one shot L histoire est fluide, prenante, et surtout originale Esot rique sans faire appel aux yokais, l histoire est bien rythm e et magnifiquement illustr e je trouve Elle sait galement s arr ter et ne pas s tirer en longueur, ce qui est souvent le cas dans les sagas Je ne peux que vous recommander Luno

  7. Mayank Agarwal Mayank Agarwal says:

    Like the art it s dark and the european feel is different But the story is a mess In rushing to finish it the plot didn t come out well.

  8. Estrella Estrella says:

    Le doy tres estrellas y media, es una historia peculiar como admite el propio autor, no esta situada en un tiempo concreto aunque a mi al menos me recuerda a principios del siglo XX, me ha sabido a poco, pero ya sab a que constaba de un solo tomo se anunc a una secuela, pero muchos de los personajes ser n diferentees Me ha gustado mucho el dibujo y el p

  9. Sinistre Sinistre says:

    It looked like the typical european fanzine trying to be manga The story was confusing and some elements were pretty basic I bet there are billions of better options to pick if you were looking for one volume manga.

  10. Cristina Cristina says:

    Me ha encantado,ha sido muy interesante.

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