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You Dont Know Me I sympathize about this author's plight because he was born the son of a famous man However, get over it! Ray Jr set his sights on becomingof a train wreck than his father and succeeded. Loved loved loved it!!! I found this book at the library, and it is one of the most loving, compassionate memoirs I have ever read about famous parents; especially about a father with some serious flaws Ray Charles had a serious drug problem and fathered many children outside of his marriages, yet one may find it difficult to harshly judge him while reading this book Mr Charles Jr does not glorify his father, either And he certainly does not write in a way that is disrespectful to his mother Just the opposite He sees his mother as an astoundingly strong woman, who held the family together, took exceptional care of her three sons, and taught them good values There are some really nice childhood memories in You Don't Know Me, just as there are some harrowing ones But the nice ones seem to prevail, and it was really interesting, touching, and downright fun to read them There'ssadness towards the end of the bookbut life and love goes onespecially the love of a son for his father. Interesting, but limited in scope because it's strictly about the son's experience of Ray Charles as a father and not so much about Ray's career and artistry Still, a poignant story worth telling. You Don’t Know Me, Reflections on my Father’s Life, by Ray Charles Robinson Jr., Produced by Random House Audio, downloaded from audible.com.A very intimate memoir of the private Ray Charles the man behind the legend by his eldest son Ray Charles's music is loved by fans around the world.Now his eldest son, Ray Charles Robinson Jr., shares an intimate glimpse of the man behind the music Going beyond the fame, the concerts, and the tours, Ray Jr shares with readers his father's grief and guilt over his little brother's death at the age of five as well of moments of personal joy, like watching his father run his hands over the Christmas presents undertheir tree while singing softly to himself He tells of how Ray faced the challenges of being blind, going on the road on tour ten months of the year, editing his own recordings to exacting perfection Ray Jr writes honestly about thepainful facts of the heroin addiction that nearly destroyed his father's life, and which Ray Charles quit cold turkey without drugs like methadone when he was in danger of being sent to federal prison Ray Jr also honestly revealed how hard his father’s continuing affairs with other women was on his mother In fact, Ray Charles had three children with his wife and nine additional children with others He did provide child support for them all, but was not emotionally present for any of them, including his own sons, until he kicked the heroin habit Ray Jr tells how he fell prey to drug addicition himselfonly in his case it was crackand it took him several tries to kick the habit When he wrote the book he had been clean for three years Ray Jr also helped with the story for the movie, “Ray”, which his father never saw because he died right before its premier This will be one of my top nonfiction books of the year. First born son of Ray Charles writes about his life as a child and adult He experienced addiction issues also Not a solid writer. Ray Jr pays tribute to his father and at the same time glorifies his mother 2 Thumbs UP! You Don't Know Me: Reflections of My Father was a wonderful page turner for me There were so many times when I thought Ray Jr was speaking directly to me the reader I felt his presence in the room Maybe that's what happenswhen a writer is so good at telling his story You feel like a character in his novel.BEST line: She chose to deal with all of him Praise for You Don't Know Me: Reflection of My Father Candid Heart rendering, engrossing, and ultimately rewarding American Novelist Judy Prescott Marshall Eminem ftCent, Cashis, Lloyd Banks You Don t Music video by Eminem performing You Don t Know CShady Records Interscope Records Eminem YouDontKnow Vevo Katelyn Tarver You Don t Know traduction en FranaisTraduction en franais des paroles pour You Don t Know par Katelyn Tarver I know you ve got the best intentions Just trying to find the right words to say I promise you don t know Traduction en franais exemples anglaisTraductions en contexte de you don t know en anglais franais avec Reverso Context don t you know, you don t even know, if you don t know, you don t know anything, but you don t know Paroles et traduction Katelyn Tarver You Don t KnowI know you ve got the best intentions Je sais que tu as les meilleures intentions Just trying to find the right words to say En essayant simplement de trouver les bons mots dire I promise I already learned my lesson Je promets que j ai dj retenu ma leon But right now, I want to be not okay Mais l tout de suite, je veux pas tre d accord Katelyn Tarver You Don t Know Lyrics Genius Lyrics You Don t Know Lyrics I know you ve got the best intentions Just trying to find the right words to say I promise I ve already learned my lesson But right now, I wanna be not okay I m so tired don t you know Traduction en franais exemples anglaisTraductions en contexte de don t you know en anglais franais avec Reverso Context you don t know, you don t even know, if you don t know, you don t know anything, but you don t know Jax Jones You Don t Know Me ft RAYE YouTube Stream Download Follow Jax Jones If You Don t Know Me by Now Wikipdia If You Don t Know Me by Now est une chanson de rhythm and blues, soul crite et compose par le tandem Gamble and Huff Destine l origine au trio fminin amricain LaBelle men par Patti LaBelle , elle est finalement enregistre par Harold Melvin the Blue Notes I really enjoyed this it followed the movie pretty well this is the story of ray charles son fascinating what really struck me was what a big role mental illness plays in drug abuse it seemed like ray charles sr used drugs because he had a hard life and it was his way to cope with his loss and grief but his son seemed to use because of an anxiety disorder and was selfmedicating and never sought the mental and emotional treatment he needed to cope with his life definitely has helped me becompassionate and understanding about something i was largely ignorant of. This book was very personal for me I grew up on Bradna Drive in Windsor Hills just a few blocks from the CharlesRobinson household This book was so compelling that after I finished the book, I bought the movie, Ray in order to go back over the movie to check out the nuances mentioned in the book Very readable and interesting from a young man fighting inherited demons of a famous father.

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