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The Tudors for Dummies This Entertaining Guide Covers The Period From 1485 To 1603, Exploring The Life And Times Of Everyday People From Famine And The Flu Epidemic, To Education, Witchcraft And William Shakespeare As Well As The Intrigues And Scandals At Court Strap Yourself In And Get Ready For A Rollercoaster Ride Through The Romantic And Political Liaisons Of Henry VIII And Elizabeth I And That S Not All Information On Surviving Tudor Buildings, Such As Hampton Court, Adds A Contemporary Twist For Readers Wanting To Bring History To Life By Visiting These Historic Sites The Tudors For Dummies Includes Part I The Early TudorsChapter 1 Getting To Know The Tudors Chapter 2 Surveying The Mess The Tudors Inherited Chapter 3 Cosying Up With The First Tudor Part II Henry VIIIChapter 4 What Was Henry Like Chapter 5 How Henry Ran His Kingdom Chapter 6 Divorced, Beheaded, Died Divorced, Beheaded, Survived The Perils Of Marrying Henry Chapter 7 Establishing A New Church Henry And ReligionPart III Edward VI, Mary And Philip, And Queen MaryChapter 8 Edward, The Child King Chapter 9 Establishing Protestantism Chapter 10 Northumberland, Lady Jane Grey And The Rise Of Mary Chapter 11 What Mary Did Chapter 12 Weighing Up War And DisillusionmentPart IV The First ElizabethChapter 13 The Queen And Her Team Chapter 14 Breaking Dinner Party Rules Discussing Religion And Politics Chapter 15 Tackling Battles, Plots And Revolts Chapter 16 Making War With Spain Chapter 17 Understanding The Trouble In Ireland Chapter 18 Passing On The Baton Moving From Tudors To StewartsPart V The Part Of TensChapter 19 Ten Top Tudor Dates Chapter 20 Ten Things The Tudors Did For Us Chapter 21 Ten Mostly Surviving Tudor Buildings

10 thoughts on “The Tudors for Dummies

  1. Sarah Bryson Sarah Bryson says:

    I have never read a For Dummies book before but since I am completely fascinated by Tudor history and this book looked like a fun read I thought I would give it a go The introduction of this book first gives a very brief overview of the period in which the Tudor monarchs Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I ruled The introduction moves on

  2. Papalodge Papalodge says:

    Thought for dummies would be an opportunity learn about the life and times that shaped Britain which normally would not appear in autobiographies or history book Interesting tidbits, trivia, if you will.The new left in religion Puritans, Presbyterians etc Staunchly against Blasphemy If you took the Lord s name in vain you were punished with an iron spike throu

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is informative, funny and very reader friendly I am a staunch fan of the For Dummies series and have been impressed with the quality of information and degree of accessibility that this book and others in the series provide For me, this one narrowly missed out on a five star rating due to the very poor editing of the text Perha

  4. Sophie Sophie says:

    Dit boek legt op een simpele manier de rijke geschiedenis uit de Tudor periode uit en hoe ze de Engelse troon bemachtigden en weer verloren Het ontstaan van de Anglicaanse kerk en de gevolgen ervan worden goed uitgelegd Ook wordt geschet...

  5. Shelly Shelly says:

    I guess I was looking fordetail into the subject but I did like at then end, there were firsts introduced by the Tudors.

  6. Amy Amy says:

    I love this book

  7. Len Addinall Len Addinall says:

    Good overview of this part of British History, with the Dummies humorous turn

  8. Andrew Andrew says:

    Very basic history of Tudor England effectively filled in some gaps in my knowledge to give context tosubstantial books that I m reading on this subject.

  9. Lori Lori says:

    Really well put together, I enjoyed the read very much and thought it was informative while being written in a fun way

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