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The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany Hitler boasted that The Third Reich would last a thousand years It lasted onlyBut thoseyears contained some of the most catastrophic events Western civilization has ever knownNo other powerful empire ever bequeathed such mountains of evidence about its birth and destruction as the Third Reich When the bitter war was over, and before the Nazis could destroy their files, the Allied demand for unconditional surrender produced an almost hour by hour record of the nightmare empire built by Adolph Hitler This record included the testimony of Nazi leaders and of concentration camp inmates, the diaries of officials, transcripts of secret conferences, army orders, private letters all the vast paperwork behind Hitler s drive to conquer the worldThe famed foreign correspondent and historian William L Shirer, who had watched and reported on the Nazis since , spent five and a half years sifting through this massive documentation The result is a monumental study that has been widely acclaimed as the definitive record of one of the most frightening chapters in the history of mankindThis worldwide bestseller has been acclaimed as the definitive book on Nazi Germany it is a classic workThe accounts of how the United States got involved and how Hitler used Mussolini and Japan are astonishing, and the coverage of the war from Germany s early successes to her eventual defeat is must reading

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  1. Julie Christine Julie Christine says:

    Three years ago I implemented a personal tradition to read a Monster Classic each year This is my term, referring to a piece of writing that is great in reputation and girth The how and when of it is to begin the Monster mid summer and read it in fits and starts over the course of several months, with a goal of finishing before the end of the year The w

  2. Wyatt Nordstrom Wyatt Nordstrom says:

    Well, I did it After two years, I have finally finished this beast The first 600 or so pages are pretty slow, but it flies after thatWe all know the story a misanthropic, racist, vegetarian, megalomaniac failed artist writes a book that taps into age old German prejudices, seizes power, and embarks on a quest for European domination In the process he starts

  3. Lyn Lyn says:

    Darkness You boil this book down, strip it to the foundations, and what the reader finds is darkness of the human soul Bred in the alleyways and gutters of Vienna before the first World War, this was the angry and hateful opposite of God s shining light, the ancient shadows that live in the basement of our souls, given life and expression on the palette of a fail

  4. Nandakishore Varma Nandakishore Varma says:

    Whew After six months of exhilarating yet exhausting reading, I have finally managed to finish this massive tome William L Shirer s definitive account of the rise and fall of the Third Reich under the evil and mad genius, the warlord Hitler Hitler expected that the Reich will last for a thousand years in reality, it lasted just over 12 years In those twelve, the Fuehr

  5. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich A History of Nazi Germany, William L Shirer The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich A History of Nazi Germany is a book by William L Shirer chronicling the rise and fall of Nazi Germany from the birth of Adolf Hitler in 1889 to the end of World War II in 1945 It was first published in 1960, by Simon Schuster in the United States, where it

  6. Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence says:

    This is quite a dry book full of technical detail about the state of Germany, of its politics, and, as promised, the rise of the Nazis.Buried deep inside is a brief section copied below that looks up from the statistics of the holocaust to give this harrowing eye witness account, which has stayed with me for the 30 odd years since I read it Particularly, the part where the girl

  7. Erik Graff Erik Graff says:

    This was the first, really serious grownup book I ever read.My sole brother being almost eight years younger and no cousins being in the States, I was virtually an only child, condemned to the weekly dinner parties of my parents and paternal grandparents and their friends, most of them held elsewhere than our own home At one particularly excruciatingly boring party held at Great Aun

  8. Esdaile Esdaile says:

    I have a very strong feeling of enthusiasm and at the same time of aversion for this book, which I read when I was 16 William Shirer wrote a no holds barred account of the rise of Adolf Hitler from the perspective of a fanatical in the full sense of the word opponent of everything Hitler stood for Shirer was also a journalist writing as though he were a historian, so his writing reads ea

  9. Michael Ferro Michael Ferro says:

    Shirer s masterpiece has long sat untouched on my shelves it s ominous block swastika unsettling all guest who entered my home not always fun to explain to people that you re not a Nazi That said, I decided to read this book in tiny increments alongside other books for the past few months, and at over 1,000 pages, it took a bit to finally knock this one out, but wow what a book I truly find i

  10. BAM The Bibliomaniac BAM The Bibliomaniac says:

    I went into this believing I had a well grounded understanding of Prussian history and a basis of the Hitler regime Ummm this book is everything I don t know.I feel way over my head There are so many layers to peel like some history containing onion Shirer wrote an entire college course worth of information I regret that I will not retain it all An impressive collection of memories and experience,

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