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Tessa's Ambassador An Ellora s Cave Aeon Naughty Nooners story and is related to the author s other Darinthian booksKortal, Darinthian Ambassador to Earth, immediately recognizes Tessa as his fated companion Coming from a planet inhabited by powerful men who sexually enslave women, and aroused and dominant by nature, Kortal sees no reason to delay the linking ritual He s waited too long to find this womanOverwhelmed by Kortal s aggressive sexuality, Tessa doesn t stand a chance against him or his Darinthian magic

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  1. Mojca Mojca says:

    Kortal, the Darinthian ambassador, is faced with a difficult task of choosing whether to reveal a little tidbit about his culture the companionship or not The companionship is a sort of mating between a Darinthian and his counterpart mate companion whatever you want to call it where, with the exchanges of vows, they bind each other together in mind, soul, and bodyAnd y

  2. Yianna Yiannacou Yianna Yiannacou says:

    This free short story was a bit on the weird side I don t know if I liked it that much or not It begins with Kortal, Darinthian Ambassador to Earth sitting at his desk His secretary calls in a woman who is demanding on finding her younger sister As soon as the woman, Tessa, storms into the room, Darinthian magic slammed into him He realized right away that Tessa was his

  3. Lady Raven RAVE! Lady Raven RAVE! says:

    Reposting my review This book is a part of a series It kind of can stand alone but will need to read series if your into the sic fi and erotica with a tiny bondage.O.M.G I didn t want it to end, this should have been longer I want to know what happen to the sister Tessa went to the ambassador to find her missing sister and her sister s friend but the moment she enters Ko

  4. Jessie Morgan Jessie Morgan says:

    This book read too much like modern day roofie meets mental magic on Darinth Tessa goes to Kortal for help in finding her missing sister Kortal takes one look at Tessa and decides that she s the girl for him He then uses Tessa s desire to find her sister to force his mental bond on her until sexual need takes over, and then he uses that to force her to accept the bonding

  5. Paul Lunger Paul Lunger says:

    Cyna Kade s Tessa s Ambassador is a rather unique e book that deals with the mating habits of a race called the Darinthians whose ambassador to Earth is looking for a soul mate Kortal the ambassador encounters Tessa who is there for a meeting with the ambassador He then decides he s going to take her as his soul mate through a bonding process that he speeds up on his own T

  6. Caro Caro says:

    Pretty good, although a little short Freebie Had a little meat it that had me interested in readingin this series A full length book would ve probably been better Interesting with steaminess, a little alpha thing going on, a uniqueness, and pretty much a great starter to whet the appetite a little for the series Enjoy

  7. Terri Pray Terri Pray says:

    A quick read,a 3.5 than a 3 It s obviously a teaser for other stories in the setting and I m intrigued enough to look into other books by the author One issue a small amount of head hopping which did put me off a little.

  8. Normal Normal says:

    N A

  9. Belinda Belinda says:

    Galactic hook up

  10. Crystal S Crystal S says:

    I am not generally a fan of short stories I needtime to get to know the characters, but this little snippet intrigued me enough to want to try the author s other books.

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