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Brides Holiday Gift (Star Brides #3) I was captivated from the very beginning with the love that the two main characters felt for each other as well as the sexual tension This short little read kept me riveted and wanting to readIn fact I do plan to get the others in this series BRIDE S HOLIDAY GIFT is basically like the sequel to both books in the Star Brides series One Thousand Brides and Bride Reborn by Solange Ayre Delos is a Terilian Alien and Janis is his human wife which are known as Earthians I wasn t sure if I was captivated from the very beginning with the love that the two main characters felt for each other as well as the sexual tensio Little bit of Rubanesque, alien, exhibitionist love It was a sweet story about a larger Earth woman who found total acceptance with her alien husband, and the sacrifices each made for the other s happiness Of course, it was short, but it was well done short. I really liked this short story It s erotica, so sex scenes take a huge chunk of the already short story however, the story itself is very sweet I got the book for free fromI believe it s still free , and I didn t knew it was the third in the series still, I enjoyed it and I didn t need the It seems this is part of a series, an epilogue of sorts for a previous story, so I was missing quite a lot, especially regarding the Terilian universe and the twist on how these pointy eared males ended up with earthling wives, but it still was a sweet and hot short story.Good to know aliens suck at communication as well as we do 2 stars It se Beautiful one, he said softly, when I first saw you, I loved you I told myself that if I could have you for my own, I would ask for nothing else in this life Aunque no fue el mejor de los tres libros, Bride s Holiday Gift es una muy buena m 2.5 Stars It started out with a bang but lulled then kinda fizzled for me. Main Characters Janis Stone Human woman married to DelosDelos Terilian doctor mated to JanisSynopsis Janis and Delos are having their first holiday together The holiday begins with a sexual fast that lasts two days, followed by gift giving and lots of se An Ellora S Cave Naughty Nooners StorySix Months After The Mass Human Terilian Weddings Of One Thousand Brides And Bride Reborn, Earth Woman Janis Stone Is Consumed With Lust For Her Alien Husband Delos A Public Exhibition Of Sex In Zero Gravity Leaves Her Craving Of His Exciting Lovemaking Janis Attempted Seduction Of Delos During A Holiday Sexual Fast Makes Him Promise Retribution Payback Comes When Janis Awakens Tied To The Bed, About To Be Pleasured By Delos Skillful Fingers, Tongue And CockAfter A Steamy Encounter, The Couple Exchange Gifts Obtained At Personal Sacrifice But Their Greatest Gift For Each Other Is Love I liked this nooner enough to want to look into the Star Series by Solange Ayre.The characters, world creation and alien customs were entertaining in just 31 pages Since the shock of having an alien husband isn t anything new for Janis, she just enjoys being with Delos I liked lea Meh It was ok I see that this is 3 so maybe that is why I felt a little lost It was a sweet story, that has been told many times, but still is entertaining The erotica was good too I am not sure why this story didn t go over better for me All the elements were there it was just lacking somehow.

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