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Mulberry Park In the San Diego suburb of Fairbrook, past Applewood Drive and up First Street, lies Mulberry Park, a peaceful haven for locals from all walks of life And at the center of its lush green lawn grows a massive mulberry tree tall enough to take a most precious wish as high as it can go, and to open a few hearts along the wayEach day after work, Claire Harper drives to Mulberry Park and jogs for miles, hoping to find a respite from her sadness It s futile, until the evening a letter falls from its hiding place in a nearby tree Inside the bright pink envelope emblazoned with the words To God From Analisa, is a note written by a seven year old girl, urging God to look after her parents in Heaven and help those she loves on Earth On impulse, Claire writes back, hoping to preserve Analisa s innocent belief in answered prayers even if Claire lost her own faithGradually, Analisa s letters draw Claire out of her cocoon and into the companionship of other Mulberry Park regulars all, in their own way, in need of comfort As friendships grow, each will discover just how far one simple letter can reach

About the Author: Judy Duarte

When life threw Judy Duarte a curve twenty years ago, she did what many newly single mothers do She pulled herself and her four kids together, became evendetermined to come out on top, and decided to start following her dreams What better role model could she provide her children than to show them that anything is possible So, she returned to school, graduating from UC Irvine about the same time her oldest kids hit the teen years.With her dream of getting her degree having come true, another dream presented itself by way of a new, perfect mate Life was good again, but one dream still nagged at her I always knew there was a book inside me, but since English was my least favorite subject in school, I never considered myself a writer All her life Judy has been spinning stories telling tales to her kids as they grew up, plotting stories and creating characters to fill the time during carpool days and all those commutes back to collegeand she never stopped dreaming of putting those stories on paper Determined to follow her yearnings, she joined Romance Writers of America and met her critique partners Crystal Green and Sheri WhiteFeather both are now multi published award winning authors and the trio have worked together and encouraged each other ever since I might not have been a born writer, but I was a storyteller The characters and plots came easy, but I had to learn how to make the scenes in my head come alive for the reader And that meant I had to learn how to write Judy s determination to become a published author grew and she began focusing on creating poignant stories designed to touch a reader s heart As she fine tuned her writing style and learned her craft, she found herself writing the stories she liked to read Stories about families, second chances, and true love In creating her own happily ever after stories she took ordinary characters, put them in emotionally compelling situations, and forced them to grow They learned, as she had, that when a door is closed, they must look for that open window Since I love books and movies in which people must overcome insurmountable odds to win and earn their happy ever after, those are the kinds of tales I like to create Judy s unpublished stories won not only the coveted Emily West Houston RWA Chapter and Orange Rose Orange County RWA Chapter awards, but also earned her the status of a double RWA Golden Heart finalist in 2001.Then Judy s dream became a reality in March 2002 when Silhouette Special Edition released her first book, COWBOY COURAGE Since then, she has published seventeen books and is contracted to write threeHer stories have touched the hearts of readers around the world Her tales of redemption and renewed trust generate many fan letters from readers who tell her of the positive impact reading her stories have had in their lives.A woman who had been shattered by her husband s recent betrayal and desertion had not been able to read or watch anything that had a romance involved writes I saw your book in the store, and the title caught my eye I have a thing for cowboys When I read the back cover, I bought it and couldn t put it down I finished it in one day I still have my doubts about meeting a decent man and trusting again But maybe in time I will be able to love again I will be watching for your next book.In July 2005, Judy won the prestigious Reader s Choice Award for THE RICH MAN S SON When I received the call telling me I had finaled in the Reader s Choice, I was thrilled beyond measure Being judged by real readers and recognized as a finalist was a joy in itself I went to the ceremony honored to be in attendance And when they announced me the winner, tears came to my eyes and a lump formed in my throat It took days for my feet to touch the ground Judy makes her home near the beach in Southern California with her husband, their son, and a cat

10 thoughts on “Mulberry Park

  1. Christina Christina says:

    This book was an EXCELLENT read The characters are so intertwined though out the whole book The challenges they all face are heart breaking, I cried a few times while reading This book also has a lot of characters asking God what is right, what is wrong and do you really believe in him For anyone looking for

  2. Debbie Oxier Debbie Oxier says:

    This was a fantastic story Didn t want to put it down Claire went to work day after day, put her time in, then after work made her way to Mulberry Park where she would go on a run She hoped to dull her senses, wear herself out, anything to escape the pain of having lost her son three years ago Unable to let go of th

  3. Laura Laura says:

    This was a very sweet, heartwarming book It is a book with a few different people all dealing with grief and how they meet and help each other heal A little girl, Analisa, has an unwavering faith in God that confuses them all, but makes them all take a step back and reconsider faith and God Yes, it was a little sappy and t

  4. Nancy H Nancy H says:

    This is a satisfying and excellent story about people who have problems, yet who eventually find ways to work together to solve them It is simply a nice story with pleasant people and a good ending I had not read this author before, but will definitely readof her work, because it is well written and excellent, a breath of fresh a

  5. Laura Laura says:

    This book speaks of healing from deep within by pushing aside our pains to reach out to someone in need God often gives us what we need by putting in our life path a person s , but the difficulty is can we step away from our pain to minister to that someone else When we are able to do that, the rewards are many.

  6. Gin Gin says:

    A sweet, quick paced story about loss, love, friendship, and faith The ending seemed a bit too contrived but the overall story and character development had appeal.

  7. Sara Sara says:

    Such a sweet story of how the faith of one little girl touches the lives of those around her I loved how the lives of many converged and affected each other, loving and healing.

  8. Cristina N. Cristina N. says:

    Mulberry Park talks openly about loneliness, of all age levels, there are told real events that inspire and moves towards reflection.This will be the type of reading that will acquire a ease and maybe even the courage to have an inner dialogue with you will find out when you will read the book.Enjoy your reading is worth it

  9. Elisa Denk Elisa Denk says:

    A quiet beginning that pulls one into the story Well done

  10. Elizabeth Trudell Elizabeth Trudell says:

    A tear jerker

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