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Sun Bear, the Path of Power: As Told to Wabun and to Barry Weinstock Sun Bear Description, Habitat, Image, Diet, andSun bears are a species of bear native to forested areas in Southeast Asia Just like their neighbors in India, the sloth bears, sun bears also called Malayan sun bears are black colored with a lighter patch of fur on their chests Sun Bear National Geographic Found from southern China to eastern India and as far south as Indonesia, sun bears, also called Malayan sun bears, take their name from the bib shaped golden or white patch on their chest, which Sun Bear OneKindPlanet The sun bear can be found in tropical forests of Southeast Asia It is the smallest species of bear, with a length of up tofeet and weighing up topounds This small size facilitates their arboreal lifestyle of moving about amongst the trees Despite their name, sun bears Sun Bear Animal Facts and Information With its sleek black feathers and pole shaped wattle, the umbrella bird is a rainforest jewel SUNBEAR BEAR TEA DANCE PROVENCE % Meks BearsBEAR TEA DANCE PROVENCE % mecs barbus motards Sun Bear The Smallest And Rarest Bear Species In their prime, the bears were commonly found in Southeast Asia s lowland forests With a fantastic ability to climb, they spend most of their lives lolling about in treetops, feasting on sweet Survival of the Sun Bears Sun bear cubs tend to stay with their mother for at leastmonths Sun bears eat an omnivorous diet of mostly insects and fruit Mmm termites More Endangered These little known bears are faced with extinction due to the triple threat of extreme habitat loss, poaching and the illegal pet trade Threats to Sun Bear Survival In total sun bear populations have declined by at least % inSun Bear author Wikipedia Vincent LaDuke,commonly known by the name, Sun Bear was a New Age author of Ojibwe descent He was born on August ,on the White Earth Indian Reservation to Louis and Judith La Duke He was the father of activist, author, and former Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Winona La Duke News, sport, celebrities and gossip The Sun

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