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Jane and the Ghosts of Netley Here in Jane Austen s seventh novel length adventure, the love story arc stretching from the first book finds its tragic climax, but along the way, Jane Austen s wit and brilliance take center stage Readers all know that there is no hope that this romance can end happily, but we have had hope that there would be happiness along the way Stephanie Barron has provided us with a tale that walks along a tense line dividing happiness and grief view spoiler I m not sure how to take the abrupt, close to shocking proposal scene early in the novel when Lord Harold takes Jane out in his closed carriage for a conference on strategy and yet acknowledges what Jane s mother has broadly hinted, that his actions have compromised Jane s reputation and that in shallow society s eyes, he owes her a proposal of marriage Jane herself is distressed by his bluntness and the absence of any hint of love in the exchange It is the same thing she has rejected twice over the business of trading herself to satisfy societal expectations She turns aside the proposal with a bitter joke and they land in a surprising discussion of her writing Thus the mock proposal turns into the first time when Jane finally shares with him what is truly important to her, who and what she is at the core The entire scene is full of tension in that we readers are pretty sure they both wish for th I loved this book You have to suspend disbelief to read this series Jane Austen solves crimes that just happen to happen to people around her, almost all of which somehow involve Lord Harold Trowbridge, whom she slowly falls in love with over the course of the first seven books , but I love the characters I also love how well researched the time period is It s like stepping into England of the early 19th century I was unsure how I felt about where the Lord Harold Jane romance was going Jane Austen in love How dare she mess with a cultural icon , but I think it was handled well, although they could have kissed and that would have been okay with me When Lord Harold died at the end of this book, telling Jane he should have married her years ago and making her promise she would continue to write, I was sobbing and had to pick up the next in the series immediately The eighth book is titled Jane and His Lordship s Legacy Jane inherits all of Lord Harold s diaries and letters I Have ever read a book whose hero or heroine is someone you found yourself relating to on a deep level Maybe you saw some of yourself in that person or someone who you wished you were Maybe that person represented a choice you made or one you wish you had or had not made Regardless, it was a character whose shoes and dress you easily slipped into to live vicariously through their journeys with them I ve long loved and admired Jane Austen and Stephanie Barron s series has afforded me with an opportunity to see things through Jane s eyes Even if it is fiction And when Jane met Lord Harold Trowbridge, I met Lord Harold Trowbridge And as Jane fell in love with him, I fell in love with him In Jane and the Ghosts of Netley we both lose the man we secretly loved and who secretly loved us, back.A short way into this book, I told someone that this was the first of Barron s Jane Austen mysteries that really grabbed me right from page one I typically find myself slowly easing into the text, like stepping into a cold pool This time, I was fully immer 3.5 stars I m heartbroken I think I fell in love with lord towbridge as Jane did I knew they would never marry, but I long for of him I think this was one of my favorite of the series but I am in very low spirits at the moment. An entertaining tale and interesting as some characters were Catholic recusants Charles Carroll of Maryland is mentioned as well as Society of Jesus However, the villain was a tad obvious. The most amazingly tragic book of this series I am still sighing over the satisfying yet desperately sad ending A complete must read, but the impact of the story won t have it s full effect unless you read the 6 previous books It s an excellent series, so why not This series goes from strength to strength I suspected the malefactor almost immediately, but the suspense of shifting loyalties kept me spellbound until the heartbreaking ending I almost cried. il primo che leggo di questa collana ma non vedo l ora di leggere gli altri Storia intrigante, ricca di dettagli e approfondimenti, suspance e colpi di scena Non annoia mai, tiene sempre viva la curiosit Uno spaccato storico dell epoca impeccabile Penso che Stephanie Barron abbia creato dei piccoli capolavori Consigliato per chi ama Jane Austen, poich offre molti dettagli sulla sua vita arricchendola della dote di scaltra i In Her Seventh Captivating Adventure, Jane Austen Finds Her Crime Solving Mettle Put To The Test In A Confounding Case Of Intrigue, Murder, And High Treason Among The Haunted Ruins Of An Ancient Abbey, Jane Is Drawn Into A Shadow World Of Dangerous Secrets And Traitorous Hearts Where Not Only Her Life Is At Stake But The Fate Of England As Jane Austen Stands Before The Abandoned Ruins Of Netley Abbey, She Imagines That Ghosts Really Do Haunt The Centuries Old Monastery But The Green Cloaked Figure Who Startles Her Is All Too Human And He Bears An Unexpected Missive From Lord Harold Trowbridge, One Of The British Government S Most Trusted Advisers And A Man Who Holds A High Place In Jane S Life.Trowbridge Tells Jane About A Suspected Traitor In Their Midst And The Disastrous Consequences If She Succeeds But Is Sophia Challoner, A Beautiful Widow With Rud Ties To Emperor Bonaparte, Really An Agent Of The Enemy Dispatched To Netley Lodge, Jane Sets About Gaining The Confidence Of The Mysterious And Intriguing Lady Even As Trowbridge S Grim Prediction Bears Fruit A British Frigate Is Set Afire And Its Shipwright Found With His Throat Cut.It S Clear That Someone Is Waging A Clandestine War Of Terror And Murder But Before Jane Can Follow The Trail Of Conspiracy To Its Source And Unmask A Calculating Killer, The Cold Hand Of Murder Will Fall Mercilessly Yet Again And Suddenly Jane May Find Herself Dying For Her Country.Elegantly Intriguing, Jane And The Ghosts Of Netley Is A Beautifully Crafted Novel Of Wit, Character, And Suspense That Transports Jane And Her Many Fans Into A Mystery Of Truly Historical Proportions And A Case That Will Test The Amateur Sleuth S True Colors Under Fire From The Paperback Edition.

About the Author: Stephanie Barron

See this thread for information.Stephanie Barron was born Francine Stephanie Barron in Binghamton, NY in 1963, the last of six girls Her father was a retired general in the Air Force, her mother a beautiful woman who loved to dance The family spent their summers on Cape Cod, where two of the Barron girls now live with their families Francine s passion for Nantucket and the New England shoreline dates from her earliest memories She grew up in Washington, D.C., and attended Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, a two hundred year old Catholic school for girls that shares a wall with Georgetown University Her father died of a heart attack during her freshman year In 1981, she started college at Princeton one of the most formative experiences of her life There she fenced for the club varsity team and learned to write news stories for The Daily Princetonian a hobby that led to two part time jobs as a journalist for The Miami Herald and The San Jose Mercury News Francine majored in European History, studying Napoleonic France, and won an Arthur W Mellon Foundation Fellowship in the Humanities in her senior year But the course she remembers most vividly from her time at Princeton is The Literature of Fact, taught by John McPhee, the Pulitzer Prize winning author and staff writer for The New Yorker John influenced Francine s writing than even she knows and certainly than she is able to say If there were an altar erected to the man in Colorado, she d place offerings there daily He s her personal god of craft Francine spent three years at Stanford pursuing a doctorate in history she failed to write her dissertation on the Brazilian Bar Association under authoritarianism can you blame her and left with a Masters She applied to the CIA, spent a year temping in Northern Virginia while the FBI asked inconvenient questions of everyone she had ever known, passed a polygraph test on her twenty sixth birthday, and was immediately thrown into the Career Trainee program Boot Camp for the Agency s Best and Brightest Four years as an intelligence analyst at the CIA were profoundly fulfilling, the highlights being Francine s work on the Counterterrorism Center s investigation into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988, and sleeping on a horsehair mattress in a Spectre era casino in the middle of Bratislava Another peak moment was her chance to debrief ex President George Bush in Houston in 1993 But what she remembers most about the place are the extraordinary intelligence and dedication of most of the staff many of them women many of whom cannot be named She wrote her first book in 1992 and left the Agency a year later Fifteen books have followed, along with sundry children, dogs, and houses When she s not writing, she likes to ski, garden, needlepoint, and buy art Her phone number is definitely unlisted.

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