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Kandahar Cockney The remarkable and touching story of a singular friendship between the author an affluent Western correspondent and his Pashtun interpreter who meet in an Afghan war zone and resume their friendship when Mir becomes an asylum seeker in London s East EndIn the spring of , James Fergusson, a young freelance British correspondent, encounters a local Pashtun interpreter named Mir in rebel controlled Afghanistan They soon become firm friends, with Mir an invaluable guide not only to the battle zone, but to the country s complex politics, culture and traditions Not long after James s return home, Mir and his family are forced to flee Afghanistan, fearing for their lives When Mir arrives in London seeking asylum, it is to James that he turns for help Now their roles reverse the guided becomes the guide as James introduces Mir to the bewildering customs of the infidel WestYet in many ways it is Mir who remains the guide this time to a side of his own homeland that James had never noticed or engaged with before He discovers whole communities of Afghans scattered throughout London, and the shadow economy in which asylum seekers are forced to work He accompanies Mir through the labyrinthine asylum system, with its endless round of tribunals, appeals, delays and disappointments and introduces him to the important things in life like Tesco s, bank holiday weekends and the seasideJames Fergusson s moving and remarkable portrait of a singular friendship gives a human face to one of the most tangled and emotive issues of our time Powerfully evoking the no man s land between the Third and the First Worlds, between Islam and the West, Kandahar Cockney also places a very contemporary story in a greater historical context, showing how surprisingly enduring the legacy of Britain s colonial era really is

10 thoughts on “Kandahar Cockney

  1. Jane Jane says:

    thoroughly good and interesting story about an Afghan, and his family, and their relationship with the UK It s good, but the Guardianista tendencies of the writer keep breaking through But it s true, in the sense that the world of illegal minicabbers and grocery shops and phone unblockers in London are true.

  2. Catherine Catherine says:

    Mir, an Afghan refugee, seeks asylum in the UK This book chronicles his experience along with two other family members as they build new lives in the United Kingdom Interesting account of the immigration experience.

  3. Julie Julie says:

    This stoy is of an Afghanistan interpreter who comes to London to find a life for himself It is a true story and an interesting one.

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