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A Cowboy Christmas Reid Barclay doesn t have time for Christmas, not with trouble brewing at the Crown Seven Ranch He s got prize thoroughbreds to protect, and a long ago wrong that he wants to make right But the beautiful cook who s taken over the ranch kitchen is a welcome distraction, even if Ellie Jo Cade burns everything from gingerbread to roast beef Her sweet face and womanly figure are pure temptation Cornhusk angels bright berry garlands spun sugar snow everything about Christmas holds fond memories for Ellie Jo She s doing her best to make peace with an ornery wood burning stove and make the old ranch house truly festive All she wants is to believe in Reid and the only at Christmas magic that makes hearts glow

10 thoughts on “A Cowboy Christmas

  1. Mojca Mojca says:

    Ellie Jo Cade is filling in as housekeeper at a ranch, before going to San Francisco as teacher She s informed at her arrival that she is to prepare the ranch owner s wedding in a week Witch wouldn t be a problem if she actually knew how to cookAnd if she didn t have another dirty little secret about her true purpose at visiting Wyoming.Reid Barclay hasserious things on his mind that Christm

  2. Ashley Ashley says:

    1.Re Read Dec 20122.Re read December 2014A simple holiday romance filled with cowboys, a murder mystery and giving redemption to yourself and others.Reid and Ellie are cute, passionate, and perfect for one another.Each time I re read this book it gives me happiness and ready for the holiday season.

  3. JackEllena JackEllena says:

    An excellent western romance I really liked the characters developed in this story Passion and a true love make rewarding reading A true villain that meet s a just reward, and other s with bad ways are not as successful as they planned are read about with pleasure I liked reading this book Thank you, Jack.

  4. doris doris says:

    A cowboy christmas j KennyI was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this story how some of the characters in this story had to change identit y because they were dupe into believing they were accused of wrongdoing and thinking they did the deed when all along they were framed.

  5. Lynn Lynn says:

    Cowboy Christmas A truly moving book A little mystery, a little love, a little bit of everything Looking forward to reading the next in this series.

  6. Sandy M Sandy M says:

    This book started out really good for me I immediately liked the writing Ms Kenny does a terrific job of getting all things western down on paper But at about the three quarter mark, I started getting a little antsy, I never seemed to really get totally invested in the hero and heroine And the reason I picked this book up is for the Christmas aspect, but that didn t seem to come across all that w

  7. Toni Toni says:

    4.5 StarsI m not a huge lover of holiday themed books, but I am a lover of Janette Kenny This is the second book I have read from her and I do believe I am hooked.Ellie Jo Cade is a woman on a mission She must save her father from trouble She has come to Maverick, Wyoming to work as a housekeeper to be able to spend the Christmas holiday with her long lost father and to convince him to give up his

  8. Romancing the Book Romancing the Book says:

    First, I want to start my review by saying how excited I am that this is the first in a new series Janette has created an interesting place in the Wild West that I look forward to revisiting Ellie Jo and Reid are characters that take hold of your heart and don t let go I cared what was going to happen to them as they worked through their personal issues and fought the attraction between them I laug

  9. Cecelia Cecelia says:

    Oh dear There are so many things wrong with this novel on one hand and so many things that are right The plot line is straight up screwy and it tries to do too much Some of its complexities are just a little absurd Then again the chemistry between the main charachters is wonderful and some of the perifery charachters are colorful too The PRIMARY plot is good I would advise not purchase but library

  10. Sandra Sandra says:

    this was a hard read for me I couldn t really get into it and kept falling asleep the story would drone on for pages that didn t do anything to move the story along.

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