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The Concise Book of Lying One bright morning in the third century BC the philosopher Diogenes set out with a lantern in search of an honest man His doomed gesture makes the point clear in some way or another, we are all liars In The Concise Book of Lying, professor Sullivan tackles this most pervasive of sins, using history and mythology, anecdote and analysis to shed light pace the first cynic on our long relationship with deception The book opens with a cross cultural survey of the important and ambiguous role lying plays in a wealth of early texts and stories, from the Bible to myths about those most inventive liars, tricksters A Burton of deception, Sullivan asks what motivates people to lie what mechanisms are involved in creating an effective lie and what the costs are once we ve decided to commit one Society, dependent on truth telling, has responded with countermeasures, from the medieval ordeal to the dubious lie detector test, but the fact is that millennia of practice have made us experts at deceit Touching on philosophy, literature, history, and psychology, The Concise Book of Lying is an erudite tour of the twilit realm of trickery

10 thoughts on “The Concise Book of Lying

  1. Lora Shouse Lora Shouse says:

    This is a scholarly book about lying But it is eminently readable It may not cover every possible aspect of lying, but it touches on all the major points, including the morality or lack thereof of lying, the types of lies, the motivations for lying, the psychology of lying, the history of lying, deception in international relations, and deception in t

  2. Sebastian Katz Sebastian Katz says:

    I tried to read the whole book but I felt her writing was making me to lose my interest Very wordy.

  3. Mark Harris Mark Harris says:

    For the most part a review of liars and lying in literature, movies, and TV.

  4. Ashley Ashley says:

    Pretty interesting history of lying and deception beginning with the Torah Old Testament and Greek Roman myth, traversing philosophy and psychology and landing in the science of evolution, human and otherwise Covers why we lie, how we lie, what makes a successful lie, pros and cons and how it affects our society and development as a species.I recommend it

  5. Nathan "N.R." Gaddis Nathan "N.R." Gaddis says:

    Disappointing A sexy topic, but too much designed for a popular audience to get my hackles terribly interested Too bad really But honestly I wouldn t ve gotten within ten yards of it if I hadn t been having such a rip roaring good time with Sullivan s fiction I mean, for my lights, I don t think the topic can be handled concisely only a Burton size anatomy or a RURDli esque systematic q

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