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Child's Play Geraldine Lomas s son went missing in Italy during World War Two, but the eccentric old lady never accepted his death Now she is dead, leaving the Lomas beer fortune to be divided between an animal rights organization, a fascist front and a services benevolent fund As disgruntled relatives gather by the gravside, the funeral is interrupted by a middle aged man in an Italian suit, who falls to his knees crying, Mama Andy Dalziel is preoccupied with the illegal book one of his sergents is running on who is to be appointed as the new chief Constable But when a dead Italian turns up in the police car park, Peter Pascoe and his bloated superior are plunged into an investigation that makes internal police politics look like child s play

10 thoughts on “Child's Play

  1. Kate Kate says:

    How refreshing A straight up police procedural No mafia, no spies, no women chopped up, no long passages where we get to hear the serial killer s thoughts It s almost quaint I m not a fan of anything too cozy mysteries solved by caterers give me hives but I weary of the overly mo

  2. cloudyskye cloudyskye says:

    This was a good one, if not very memorable But an enjoyable read Loose ends all tied up in the end, authentic nineteen eighties feel I never know if I want to continue with this series A colleague gave me all 20 odd volumes but after 9 of them I still don t feel the connection I have

  3. Cleopatra Pullen Cleopatra Pullen says:

    Child s Play was published in 1986 and manages to be both an appealing police procedural with a hefty nod to the whys as well as the who in the course of the investigation.Mrs Gwendoline Huby has died and when her will is read by the local solicitor I do miss these formal will readings i

  4. Kelly Herold Kelly Herold says:

    For a good comfort mystery read, you can t beat Reginald Hill Child s Play is one of my favorites Wield comes out of the closet, crazy inheritance schemes are afoot, Dalziel is his charming Fat Man self.

  5. William William says:

    Hill could really write, and this series is fun Effective humor keeps the plot going, and Dalziel is as always memorable There are quite a lot of characters and it was not always easy to remember who was who Lexie Huby I assume she appears in this book only is also one of a kind.I did get a bit

  6. Mike Mike says:

    Very complex plot which not only keeps the reader guessing but adds on twist after twist right to the end One of Hill s best Dalziel and Pascoe stories, full of wit and humour and some of hiscurious characters.

  7. Kim Kim says:

    This is not a review just a funny thought This book gave me one of those odd coincidences that folks who read a LOT get sometimes The ones where an interesting and unfamiliar word occurs in three different books in one week I had that happen with susurration , I remember I also found the phrase 1066 Cou

  8. Andrew Andrew says:

    Oh Fat Andy, sometimes I think you re my hero At the very least you have to respect that this detective superintendent can be both an asshole and a good man Hill is a brilliant long game plotter Along with fleshing hah out Dalziel s larger than life character, he lets Pascoe wallow in self doubt and drop th

  9. Amanda Wells Amanda Wells says:

    I got my wishof Sgt Wield No spoilers just that I was quite happy with how it played out.Wieldy aside, the plot of this one was unexpected, and could have easily plunged over into the campy convoluted mess that some mysteries err into But grounded as these books are in Dalziel and Pascoe s decidedly not camp na

  10. Lana Kamennof-sine Lana Kamennof-sine says:

    One of those books in a series that would have been good to read early on, in this case in 1988 when first published, as it sets the stage for the major characters their inter relationships A fascinating read nonetheless one which allows you to reassess the other titles in light of your new knowledge One of those b

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