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Flowers And Filth The book features the juxtaposition of beautiful images with disturbing poetry and vice versa

About the Author: William Francis

Publisher formed Taylor Francis in 1852 with Richard Taylor.

10 thoughts on “Flowers And Filth

  1. Jenna Van Vliet Jenna Van Vliet says:

    This book is an excellent book yes at times it is a bit on the disturbing side It is very blatant that the author was willing to kill himself at the time a particular poem was written But on the flip side of that, there are also poems in which he describes his aptitude for life and the enjoyment he derives from his wi

  2. Angel Parsons Angel Parsons says:

    It is truly amazing William is wonderful, I think all his writing is terrific I loved that this book had some dark poems along with ones that are muchjoyful The writing style in my opinion was beautiful It made me understand him in a different way I really don t want to spoil anything But, I highly reccomend this book.I can

  3. Marcella Marcella says:

    Poetry book by my favourite man in the world.

  4. Erin Ferrari Erin Ferrari says:

    could anyone let me buy this book from them I ve been dying to read it for a long time and I have looked all over the internet If anyone would be willing to sell it to me please email me at erinferrari66 me.com Please help

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