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The Wolf Sea The gripping second novel in the Oathsworn series, charting the adventures of a band of Vikings looking for the return of the Rune Sword that will lead them to Attila s HoardA band of brothers, known as the Oathsworn, committed only to each other and feared by many, rises again, setting sail on the wolf sea in search of vengeance and gloryWashed up in a hostile city, battle weary and out of luck, the Oathsworn lie waiting for their reluctant leader, the young Orm, to bring them back once to wealth and warfare But Orm s prized sword, the legendary Rune Serpent, is gone, stolen by the rapacious Starkad, and with it the runes writ upon the hilt that only Orm can decipherThe Oathsworn embark on a dangerous mission to reclaim their precious sword as they pursue the elusive Starkad across the turbulent wolf sea Unafraid to fight and cunning in the ways of men, they wreak violence and bloody revenge on their enemiesCaught up in the treacherous battles in the East between the rulers of Constantinople, aided by hordes of Viking mercenaries, and the Arabs, their adventures will take them from Greece to Jerusalem, across the treacherous wolf sea where only the hunting hungry dare set sailEpic adventure broad in scope and bloody in action, The Wolf Sea is the stunning second novel in the Oathsworn series

10 thoughts on “The Wolf Sea

  1. Terri Terri says:

    Robert Low is such an under rated author and it amazes me that he is notpopular I suppose to bepopular would make him main stream and that might take some of the eccentricity out of his writing as he strives to placate a larger reader base Don t get me wrong, Robert Low is a popular and accomplished author, it

  2. Tamara Agha-Jaffar Tamara Agha-Jaffar says:

    The Wolf Sea, Robert Low s second book of the Oathsworn series, continues where The Whale Road Oathsworn 1 left off The novel opens with young Orm, the Viking leader of the Oathsworn, with his scruffy, battle weary band of men stranded in Constantinople When Orm s sword, the Rune Serpent, is stolen by Starkad, the Oa

  3. Paul Paul says:

    3.5 stars rounded up to four Definite improvement over the first book, The Whale Road Descriptive pendulum may have swung a little too far, actually But, I m officially hooked have already started the next book, The White Raven.This one was largely set in what we would call the Near East That s a departure in my experience

  4. Dawn Dawn says:

    From start to finish this book is a great read.We follow the Oathsworn from where we left them in the first book depleted and divided they travel from Greece to Cyprus to Antioch and Jerusalem They meet Muslims, Bedouins and fellow Danes while battling their way to Starkard, in a quest to retrieve the Rune Serpent Sword he stole

  5. Edward Edward says:

    That was amazing RTC.

  6. Howard Anders Howard Anders says:

    This is the second volume in the series In the first volume, The Whale Road , a young Orm joins a group of Viking raiders the Oathsworn Much of this first volume deals with a search for buried treasure the burial mound of Attila the Hun At the conclusion of The Whale Road Orm becomes the leader of the Oathsworn The start of The Wolf Sea fin

  7. Lee Broderick Lee Broderick says:

    Being the leader is not all it s cracked up to be Orm quickly discovers that as he has the leadership of the Oathsworn thrust upon him Such responsibility would be a test for any young man but especially so in an alien land on the edge of the known world his naivety is shown by his willingness to trust those that he knows he should have doubts ab

  8. Val Penny Val Penny says:

    The Wolf Sea was the recommended book for my book group I was at a bit of a disadvantage as this is the second book in Robert Harris s Oathsworn series In this second novel, the story centres on the eastern Mediterranean.This novel takes the survivors of a Viking band from the streets of the medieval world s greatest city to those of its holiest city T

  9. Ruth Ruth says:

    C2008 FWFTB oath, sword, battles, mercenaries, Jerusalem.Slowly getting throught the back catalogue of Mr Low who I have only just recently discovered.This second book is a lot grittier than the first but manages to include some really interesting bits of history Mr Low is a wordsmith Some paragraphs seem to be written just to be read aloud and savouredEven

  10. Patrick Murphy Patrick Murphy says:

    Low follows the same basic formula as his first Oathsworn book a Viking mashup of picaresque and noir, traversing a richly researched and reimagined world of medieval Europe and the Mediterranean knit by trading ties and ethnic feuds, given color by the author s spare and epithet dense style The Wolf Sea, however, turns out to be a halfway decent reason to push th

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