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The Royal Marriage Arrangement A royal wedding is announced, but this crown prince has made a convenient proposalThe crowd is cheering the royal newlyweds Crown Prince Lucca has married Alexandra Grigory in a sumptuous wedding On the arm of her magnificent prince, Alexandra looks lovingly into his eyes If only her convenient groom felt the same way she does From the tip of her diamond encrusted tiara to the toes of her satin slippers, she looks every inch the part But she knows that only the love of Lucca will truly make her feel like a princess

10 thoughts on “The Royal Marriage Arrangement

  1. Siddhi Siddhi says:

    Absolutely wonderful book Loved It.

  2. Calysta Calysta says:

    dnf, completely unbelievable on every level there is no reason given in the book to explain why either of these people would want to spend any time with each other and nothing they say do makes a bit of sense

  3. Fanny Roswita Ria Fanny Roswita Ria says:

    Cinderella story baseline again guystapi ini versi bangsawan sebenarnya heheheheAlexander Grigory bertemu dg Lucca Vittorio, pangeran Castelmare di House of savoy ketika heroine berniat menjual perhiasan ibunya utk menutupi utang alm ibunya yg mencapai 12 juta US Yg tdk diketahui oleh Heroine t

  4. Empi Baryeh Empi Baryeh says:

    I am a sucker for romance featuring royalty, and I think the premise of this story is the ultimate fairytale for ordinary girls A Royal Marriage Arrangement is essentially a Cinderella story in which life changes drastically for an ordinary girl, Alexandra Grigory, daughter of an American bombsh

  5. Adriana Fogaça Adriana Fogaça says:

    Amor Lapidado.Rebecca Winters.H Special 25.2010 S rio, to cansada de est rias como esta J li algo parecido que era bem melhor Estou afim de novidade ou pelo menos uma nova perspectiva outro ngulo s vezes acredito que algumas autoras acham que somos completamente idiotas, que n o percebemos a falt

  6. Zette Zette says:

    Another marriage of convenience story but set in modern times which I found unusual I enjoyed the book for a quick read but I felt it almost felt like a fantasy rather than a romance and would never really happen in real life Maybe if they had not fallen in love so fast, I would have believed itTh

  7. Yulia Anggraini Yulia Anggraini says:

    meleset dr perkiraandikira mereka akan berdaptasi saat sudah menikah tetapi tidakmereka tidak terburu2 menikah jd mereka bsa saling mgenal sebelum menikahpacaran laah pyg lucu itu saat alex belajar bahsa italia,yg gurux tampan n mempesona yg bikikn lucca kek cacing kepanasan p

  8. Linda Linda says:

    I enjoyed reading about Alex and Lucca s story It drew me in from the first page and I was sad when the book ended, but only because it was finished She wanted to see her deceased mother s jewels to pay off her mother s debts and he was a prince that happened to own a diamond business.

  9. Bookabulary Bookabulary says:

    This was a quick and easy read I m a sucker for a contemporary royal romance and I wasn t about to say no to this It was a bonus that Lucca and Alex and their chemistry with each other was just so easy to read.

  10. kristen kristen says:

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