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The Watcher When you see him, it s already too late Four days before Christmas, a young woman s body is found in a ditch in the grounds of Edinburgh Castle, the discovery rendered even terrifying by the message More Will Die written on her body in blood Soon, the prophecy is fulfilled, young women disappear all redheads their bodies later found bludgeoned to death, their feet severedQuickly dubbed The Edinburgh Ripper , the murders bring the city to its knees It might be the season of goodwill but its citizens live in fear of becoming the latest victimHeadstrong young lawyer Brodie McLennan teams up with DI Duncan Bancho in an effort to discover the identity of this warped killer Soon, their investigations uncover a ring of human traffickers, selling Eastern European women as sex slaves, a depraved group called the Hobbyists and a clandestine internet chat roomUnbeknownst to Brodie, the killer s web is spinning ever closer to her and her teenaged half sister Connie, recently back in her life When Connie is reported missing, Brodie must quickly uncover the Ripper s identity before her own flesh and blood becomes the latest victim

10 thoughts on “The Watcher

  1. Nick Brett Nick Brett says:

    Number three in the series, not worth bothering with unless you have read the previous, far too many people and plot links And, I m not entirely sure you should read it anyway An odd style of writing, too much assumption you have read the previous and not one really likable character The Ripper is a serial killer terrorising modern day Edinburgh He seems espe

  2. Lynsey Higgins Lynsey Higgins says:

    Really enjoyed all the Grace Monroe books, love that they are set in Edinburgh and a wee bit scary

  3. Pauline Pauline says:

    Very confusing beginning to this book,it seems all over the place.It does improve and is quite a good read but the beginning could put people off.

  4. Angela Verdenius Angela Verdenius says:

    I really enjoyed the mystery in this book Part of a series, set in Scotland, I could see it all happening.some gore, some thrill, some mysterygreat story.

  5. David David says:

    Not too bad at end but confusing to start.

  6. Line Line says:

    Really excingting and with a very unexpected ending.

  7. Stargazer Stargazer says:

    Good characters and set in the most atmospheric city in the world for meUnfortunately they are arriving from the last book from the library, so yet to read books 1 and 2.

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