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El caso Neruda Un Pablo Neruda anciano y enfermo acaba de regresar a Chile despu s de dejar su cargo como embajador del gobierno de Salvador Allende en Par s De su vida llena de xitos le queda solo un misterio por desvelar Una duda profunda que lo atormenta cuando percibe el final de su existencia En el invierno de 1973 conoce al cubano Cayetano Brul , a quien involucra en una investigaci n que cambiar la vida de ste para siempre Mientras tanto, en Chile el poeta espera impaciente, en medio de un ambiente tenso por el inminente golpe militar contra el Gobierno Una novela en la que se conjugan la intriga, la poes a, las pasiones amorosas y el fin de una

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  1. Nancy Oakes Nancy Oakes says:

    first I bought a real copy of this book, so this ARC is yours if you want it You have to live in the US and be the first to leave a comment I ll pay postage second the review Had I done my homework, as I usually do when I come across a new author, I would have learned that Roberto Ampuero is the

  2. Trish Trish says:

    Chile The 1970s The beloved but flawed Allende government falls to the infamously repressive Pinochet government But just before this, Pablo Neruda, the Nobel Prize winning poet in residence, tasks Cayetano Brul , Cuban exile, to find an early lover to see if the child she bears shortly after thei

  3. Pete Wung Pete Wung says:

    The problem for Latin American language authors is that people have a tendency to compare to some pretty heavy hitters, like Garcia Marquez, Vargas Llosa, or Luis Borges That is patently unfair of course, but people will carry with them these expectations into the book.So the beginning of The Nerud

  4. KelleReads KelleReads says:

    A really compelling mystery by an amazing writer A detective hired by Pablo Neruda, who encourages him to read Maigret novels for his training set against a backdrop of political upheaval in Chile on the eve of Pinochet s rise to power, intrigue, communists and .

  5. Thebooktrail Thebooktrail says:

    Literary tourism See the locations of the book here link Booktrail of Neruda caseA mystery set against the backdrop of the Chilean 1973 coup which paints an interesting portrait of the poet Pablo NerudaStory in a nutshellCayetano Brul , is Cuban but lives in Valparaiso, Chile At a dinner party one ev

  6. Linda Linda says:

    Notified May 31 that I have won a First Reads copy hooray My uncorrected proof copy arrived this afternoon June 7 let the reading begin.English language readers finally have the opportunity to read the writing of Roberto Ampuero and what an opportunity it is Ampuero is an internationally acclaimed and

  7. Meg - A Bookish Affair Meg - A Bookish Affair says:

    The Neruda Case is a great book is a mystery that stars the famous poet and one of my very favorite poets personally , Pablo Neruda I love his poetry so much my husband and I actually had one of his poems read at our wedding as one of the readings so I was very excited to get a fictional glimpse of wha

  8. Tim Smith Tim Smith says:

    You can read my review at

  9. Tim Mode Tim Mode says:

    As a fan of Pablo Neruda, I was quite eager to read this book but I was very disappointed when I did A Nobel prize winning, key Chilean revolutionary and friend of Chilean President Salvador Allende who died during a CIA backed coup led by the criminal General Augusto Pinochet , Gabriel Garc a M rquez on

  10. Robert Teeter Robert Teeter says:

    A successful Chilean detective remembers his first case in 1973, when the great poet Pablo Neruda hired him to find a doctor he knew in Mexico in the 1940s The case takes him from socialist Chile under President Salvador Allende, to various other countries experiencing the Cold War, and back to Chile for

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