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Gender Rebels: 50 Influential Cross-Dressers, Impersonators, Name-Changers, and Game-Changers Meet the unsung sheroes of history the diverse, defiant and daring wo men who changed the rules, and their identities, to get sh t done You ll encounter Kit Cavanagh, the swaggering Irish dragoon who was the first woman to be buried in London with full military honours marauding eighteenth century pirates Mary Read and Anne Bonny, who collided on the high seas after swapping their petticoats for pantaloons Ellen Craft, an escaped slave who masqueraded as a white master to spirit her husband to be to freedom and Billy Tipton, the swinging jazz musician, who led a double life as an adult, taking five wives along the way Then there are the women who still have to dress like men to live their best lives, like the inspirational football lovers in Iran, who risk everything to take their place in the stands A call to action for the modern world, this book celebrates the GenderRebels who paved the way for women everywhere to be soldiers and spies kings and queens firefighters, doctors, pilots and a Swiss Army knife s worth These superbly spirited wo men all had one thing in common they defied the rules to progress in a man s world

10 thoughts on “Gender Rebels: 50 Influential Cross-Dressers, Impersonators, Name-Changers, and Game-Changers

  1. Katia M. Davis Katia M. Davis says:

    I was looking forward to reading this book when it popped up on my editor s picks onas a pre release read As a child, I was never taught there were things I couldn t do because I was a girl I helped my father fix his car, I chopped tonnes of wood for our fire, I slunk about in jeans and a t shirt, climbed trees, roamed free, and my grandfather made my first

  2. Bookphenomena (Micky) Bookphenomena (Micky) says:

    The premise of this book was everything I wanted to read, especially going into Pride Month Figures right through history who changed manipulated hid their gender for reasons to be explained were on the menu, starting with King Queen Hatshepsut Egyptian Pharaoh The book went awry immediately for me but I tried so hard to persevere I skimmed, I eye rolled and I

  3. Andrew Galley Andrew Galley says:

    If for nothing else this book serves as a great list of women who I would love to readabout Sadly my recommendation for this book is to look up the names if you can elsewhere and not bother reading this.Some of the women referenced in this are truly remarkable but these accounts are continually let down by a very annoying writing style Books of this style I typical

  4. Brigi Brigi says:

    I got this through theFirst Reads whooo boy, let s just say I agree with everyone saying the style is difficult to swallow The author not only gives basically every woman in this book a nickname, but she also inserts A LOT of inane comments, some inappropriate and some so alien Her sense of humour is unusual, and she takes things too far I m not sure if this was employ

  5. Rebecca Clarence Rebecca Clarence says:

    This book had such a good premise and I was so excited to read about these 50 amazing people who history had written away, to see them brought to light and life again Unfortunately, the way it s written just felt insincere and demeaning to the people it talked about I believe it was meant to be funny, but it readcringey and annoying I actually don t think I ve ever put a b

  6. Fern Adams Fern Adams says:

    This was painful A fantastic idea of looking at 50 often less known but influential people lives however the writing really let it down Harry tries too hard and the result is a lot of the lives are lost in amongst all the asides slang trying to be cool, especially disappointing as the biographies would have beenthan capable of being interesting without all of this One good thi

  7. Rinn Rinn says:

    This looked really promising, and I was excited to learn about someLGBTQIA history but it is so poorly written I couldn t stand it The author is clearly trying to appeal to teenagers and uses just about every slang term or phrase in existance I made it about three chapters in.

  8. Bee Kind Book Club Bee Kind Book Club says:

    I know some people do have issues with the language used in this book but as someone who doesn t read detailed biographies of historical figures, this book was fun and a great way to learn about some badass women breaking boundaries in society It isn t incredibly detailed and each women gets only a handful of pages but it kept me engaged and I did laugh out loud at the modern style of

  9. Bethan Miller Bethan Miller says:

    DNF I got 10 pages into it and couldnt read any longer I appreciate what this book is trying to achieve however there is way too much commentary from the author that just made it longer than it needed to be.

  10. Sarah AF Sarah AF says:

    There was so much potential in this book and giving these individuals their moment in the spotlight can only be a positive thing, but the narrative style wasn t for me and I feltsocial context would have added value to the book.

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