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The Golfer and the Millionaire: It's About Having the Drive to Succeed I FOUND THIS BOOK AT OUR CHURCH BOOK FAIR AND PICKED BECAUSE OF THE TITLE THINKING IT WAS ABOUT GOLF I THOUGHT I MIGHT LEARN SOMTHING ABOUT THE GAME ITSELF THIS BOOK IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE GAME OF GOLF IT IS ALSO ABOUT LIVING OUR LIVES SUCCESSSFULY THIS BOOK IS ONE OF THE MOST INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS I HAVE READ TREAT YOURSELF TO ASURPRISE READ YOU WONT BE SORRY In this inspirational story, follow a down on his luck golf pro whose chance encounter with a mysterious multimillionaire changes his game and his life forever Using golf as a metaphor for life, the millionaire teaches the golfer important keys to success such as how to Overcome self doubt and fear Visualize desired outcomes Conquer negative thoughts Break patterns of failure Knock down mental barriers Give unselfishlyLike the golfer, you too will discover how the lessons in this book can be put into immediate practice on the golf course, in business, and in every part of your life Triumph over your self imposed limitations and start fresh down a road of new opportunities Let The Golfer and the Millionaire be your guide One of my favorite books After reading this book the first time it changed the way I thought about golf If you are a golfer or just interested in success this book will be a fun read for you Not just for golfers, but the interest does help. another interesting and readable book from mark fisher . Brilliant I read it at least once a year for over ten years Came at the perfect time of my life

About the Author: Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher is a real estate investor in Montreal and the author of The Instant Millionaire.

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