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Familiar Lullaby (Fear Familiar #14) Familiar Lullaby By Caroline Burnes Released On Apr 24, 2001 Is Available Now For Purchase.

10 thoughts on “Familiar Lullaby (Fear Familiar #14)

  1. Melissa Melissa says:

    Apparently this book is one of a series But I didn t know that before reading, and guess what It didn t matter, this did just fine as a stand alone And it was cute, although the romance wasn t the greatest.Familiar has a pretty busy life for a cat When he s not investigating crimes, he s pursuing his ladylov

  2. Penny Griffin Penny Griffin says:

    May 16, 2001Familiar the feline detective is back at last in Familiar Lullaby, another top notch entry in this long running series A baby is found on the doorstep of a prominent Washington D.C couple, and Detective Mel Haskin is on the case Everywhere he looks, reporter Lily Markey is there Mel suspects the beautiful

  3. loisgreen loisgreen says:

    Love these books wish I could get all of them Lois Green

  4. aem aem says:

    fun to read about the PI cat

  5. Hayley Shaver Hayley Shaver says:

    This is an excellent book with Familiar the cat making an appearance with his girlfriend Clotilde once again A baby boy appears on a rich couple s doorstep Detective Mel Haskin is on the scene Mel is sure reporter Lily Markey knowsabout ...

  6. Noelle Walsh Noelle Walsh says:

    Familiar returns in this novel and he gets the job done I just love how well this black cat detective solves crimes After sharing my life with a black cat, I truly understand how special black cats like Familiar are Mine was every bit as curious a...

  7. Nancy Reynolds Nancy Reynolds says:

    Feline detecting Love it My first ever book by this author and I loved it I now have to dig up her past books involving Famliar I love the idea of a clever 4 legged feline helping us poor 2 legged humanoi...

  8. Seraphim Seraphim says:

    I Just love this Cat

  9. Danelle Danelle says:

    I have read all of Caroline Burnes books about the cat Familiar and have enjoyed all of them.

  10. Hildegart Hildegart says:

    I love Familiar I have two black cats of my own and they definitely have personalities It s great seeing someone give cats a personality and other animals as well.

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