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The Hilarious World of Depression For Years John Moe, Critically Acclaimed Public Radio Personality And Host Of The Hilarious World Of Depression Podcast, Struggled With Depression It Plagued His Family And Claimed The Life Of His Brother In As Moe Came To Terms With His Own Illness, He Began To See Similar Patterns Of Behavior And Coping Mechanisms Surfacing In Conversations With Others, Including High Profile Comedians Who D Struggled With The Disease Moe Saw That There Was Tremendous Comfort And Community In Open Dialogue About These Shared Experiences And That Humor Had A Unique Power Thus Was Born The Podcast The Hilarious World Of DepressionInspired By The Immediate Success Of The Podcast, Moe Has Written A Remarkable Investigation Of The Disease, Part Memoir Of His Own Journey, Part Treasure Trove Of Laugh Out Loud Stories And Insights Drawn From Years Of Interviews With Some Of The Most Brilliant Minds Facing Similar Challenges Throughout The Course Of This Powerful Narrative, Depression S Universal Themes Come To Light, Among Them, Struggles With Identity, Lack Of Understanding Of The Symptoms, The Challenges Of Work Life, Self Medicating, The Fallout Of The Disease In The Lives Of Our Loved Ones, The Tragedy Of Suicide, And The Hereditary Aspects Of The Disease The Hilarious World Of Depression Illuminates Depression In An Entirely Fresh And Inspiring Way DNF for me 42% I really thought this was going to be a different read I just couldn t get into it If I say I couldn t relate because I haven t been clinically depressed then I sound like I can t empathize, but I have known many people close to me who have struggled with this I just didn t find anything funny However based on other reviews I have read, people are really enjoying this so I wouldn t count it out I also had never heard of the Podcast, The Hilarious World of Depression so maybe that was part of it, I had never heard of the author and didn t connect with him Special Thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press for allowing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I m going to be honest this book was nothing like I had assumed it was going to be, but I loved it than I could have imagined I ve never listened to the podcast because, well, I m like the one weirdo in the world who just doesn t enjoy podcasts So I assumed this was going to be a book with a lot of levity.It definitely had at its moments of humor and I appreciated all of them, but at its core this is a great book about what it s really like to struggle with your mental health Part memoir and part anecdotes from those Moe has interviewed, this is the story we all really need right now.There were so many times in this book that I would read a passage and have to reread it again because, as someone who struggles with my mental health, I felt so seen I highly recommend this one whether you struggle with your mental health or not There is so much insight here and I feel we can all benefit from Moe s honest, raw and occasionally humorous experiences.I received an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review. Thanks to St Martin s Press and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.If you have not suffered from depression, or do not know someone who has, you may not understand how the words hilarious and depression could be used in the same sentence However, after reading this book, you may realise that The Hilarious World of Depression , is, undoubtedly, a highly appropriate title for Moe s incisive exploration of mental illness Of course, there is nothing funny about mental illness per se, Yet, on the other hand, there is something otherworldly, slightly farcical and yes something humorous about depression It can be inspirational fodder for the most glorious comical skit, a coping mechanism, or a way of rationalising, in hindsight, the irrational actions of the depressive If you have experienced depression then Moe s colourful, laugh out loud stories will resonate I know they did with me More importantly, Moe reminded me that I am not alone It is one thing to know this on a rational level and quite another to feel it Depression is inherently lonely, but Moe somehow manages to bind the experiences of the individual to a whole community of well, sufferers is not the right word survivors Undoubtedly The people you will encounter in this book are exceptional often high achievers, which makes depression a two sides of the coin type of illness It can be highly debilitating, yet equally, a source of inspiration and striving Depression is often intrinsic to one s personality, and this is sometimes no bad thing Not everyone survives the all pervading tentacles of depression, however, yet not everyone survives cancer, or heart disease, but that does not mean we should not strive for something better Better understanding, better treatment, and most importantly, an inclusive conversation that shatters once and for all the silent, taboo subject of depression We are getting there Moe s candid, multi layered approach to the subject that also considers lack of understanding of the symptoms, the challenges of work life, self medicating, the fallout of the disease in the lives of our loved ones, the tragedy of suicide, and the hereditary aspects of the disease, is an important thread in our much needed conversation about depression Indeed, if you only read one book about depression then make sure it is John Moe s The Hilarious World of Depression My book of the year so far. I read an advance reader copy of this book I received from a Goodreads giveaway This book is wonderful The author shares his struggles with depression, from suffering without a diagnosis to issues finding a therapist to issues with medication to major setbacks He pulls no punches, detailing the way his mind consistently works against him, talking about how suicide is always an option even when it s not wished for, talking about his brother s suicide and his father s alcoholism He explains why medication didn t always work for him yes, you do need to take the pills on a regular schedule, not just when you re feeling the worst and why therapy is so difficult you have to be willing to see a therapist for than one session and you have to find one who works with you his comparison of finding a therapist to the dating world is definitely on point I have suffered from major depression for as long as I can remember and probably for longer that that so there were many, many times I read something and said Yes That s it exactly And that, sometimes than anything else, is what someone with depression needs Someone who understands Someone who can put into words the whirlpool of feelings that goes with having depression I often tell people that I m not sure what happy is I know what it looks like in other people, or at least what it looks like when they say they are happy, but I don t seem to be able to grasp it However, as I ve said in the past, I ve managed to reach a point at which I am content with how I am Yes, I always have suicidal thoughts They float in the back of my head but I ve learned ways to make themquieter Less obtrusive And I have regular therapy appointments that I use as release valves I don t always have something I need to talk about, in fact at this point in my life I often don t have anything I need to talk about but knowing that I have a standing appointment and someone who knows me and who will allow me to vent without overreacting is a big part of what keeps me content The author of this book talks about many of the same things I deal with on a daily basis and that is a boost I didn t know about the podcast before reading this book but I will definitely be checking it out now Just knowing that someone can understand and is going through similar problems is a big relief to anyone with depression So, if you do know someone who suffers from depression or if you do yourself, I would most definitely recommend this book Amazingly raw, personal, yet funny memoir by John Moe about his his family s struggles with mental illnesses This book highlights Moe s journey to his great podcast from which the book gained its title If you or anyone you care for has depression, this would be a great book with which to allow someone a chance to better understand how depression or mental illness aren t just something you will yourself through This will be a book I ll buy to share with people as a way to lead to better understanding of mental illnesses. You are never too old to learn and this book not only taught me about depression and mental illness, it also taught me how to be empathetic The Hilarious World of Depression by John Moe, is just what its title says Funny at times, and just heartbreakingly sad in others When the author tells the story of his older brothers suicide, the tears fell hard and fast But I think what touched me the most or what gave me the biggest wake up call is when the author talks about having to write the obituary for his brother Sometimes an obituary might throw in coded language like he died unexpectedly at home or she passed away unexpectedly to let readers know that yes of course it was suicide one of the top causes of death in America but we are too embarrassed to say To me, that omission always has some bad side effects One is to give camouflage to the disease itself, because if no one ever talks about it, then everyone is much less likely to detect it To discuss addiction or depression or other mental illnesses is to provide information about them, including their pathologies and symptoms It s like anything else in that if you stick your head in the sand and ignore it, it doesn t mean it doesn t exist All it means is that your ass is in the air And that goes for saddies and normies There is alot of work for us normies We all need to recognize that not only does depression exist, but it is much prevalent than we know AND we need to learn to communicate in a way that doesn t negate the way that saddies feel Like I said, this book has a lot to offer everyone.5 Thank you so much to Netgalley and St Martins Press for the eARC of this book in exchange for my honest review And a huge thank you to John Moe for being brave enough to write this book and share it with the world Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of The Hilarious World of Depression. I don t listen to podcasts so I had no idea who the author is, but I was intrigued by the title The Hilarious World of Depression is anything but hilarious well, there are some hilarious moments, but for the most part, the author takes the reader into his childhood, his family, and the gut wrenching loss of his older brother.Mr Moe is a deft writer he writes as he speaks, I imagine, and his recollections are tinged with levity, dark humor and brutal honesty.Part memoir, part anecdotes from celebrities suffering from depression A LOT of comedians I thought of Robin Williams a lot as I was reading , Mr Moe offers insight into a topic rarely discussed, the stigma of suffering from mental illness and depression and offers support, feedback and advice on finding the path to getting well.He touches upon how our childhood, our parents, and genetic destiny may predispose certain individuals toward depression, how trauma and traumatic events also play sinister roles in how we manifest the illness and deal with it, and how humor is just one of the ways some people cope and learn how to live with an illness that affects their lives and the people in it.Mr Moe mentions the most critical aspect of depression and how to combat it Talk Find someone to talk to Call someone Erase the stigma that society and familial expectations have created and talk about it There is hope There is help The Hilarious World of Depression ends on a positive note, but realistic note Mr Moe stresses that depression is an unending struggle, you won t get cured, but with hope and help, you can feel better. The Hilarious World of Depression by John Moe is a book that hit close to home for me Fellow saddies where you at I could relate to a lot of the things John discusses in this book and I really appreciated how honest he was about his feelings growing up with depression, navigating his career and dealing with his brother s suicide Throughout the book are these snippets of hilarious sarcastic wit that shine to make this book not a complete downer to read Honestly I read this one quite slowly not because I didn t like it which is normally the case when I read books slowly but because the issues are so intense and especially during this difficult time in the world I don t think my saddie self could handle it all at once I recommend this book to all the saddies out there who need some reassurance that you are not alone in your feelings and to all the normies to get a glimpse of what we saddies have to deal with every single day. There is someone who I love who battles depression Many times I have heard her use self deprecating language and have always been surprised that she doesn t seem to recognize her own value Today she and I were talking and a phrase that she used sparked in my brain Oh I thought That s her depression speaking After 20 years of relationship with her, it was this book that helped me finally see it, and that s reason enough to be so glad that I read this I m a normie , not a saddie I found The Hilarious World of Depression incredibly enlightening while also being funny, inviting, and heartwarming This is such a valuable book both in giving normies insight into the lives of so many that we love, and in letting saddies know that they are absolutely not alone Definitely recommend I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion, which I am always happy to give My thanks to the author and publisher for this opportunity TheHilariousWorldOfDepression

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