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Total Mma: Inside Ultimate Fighting Since the beginning of time, men have engaged in hand to hand combat In Ancient Greece, they called it Pankration, a no holds barred battle Over time, one complete combat system was replaced by a variety of limited ones like karate, boxing, and wrestling In the modern age this created an eternal question who was tougher Could a boxer beat a wrestler Could a kung fu artist dispose of a jiu jitsu man The Ultimate Fighting Championship answered those questions emphatically inand Mixed Martial Arts was born Early stars like Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie propelled this new sport into the North American public s consciousness while pro wrestlers Nobuhiko Takada and Masakatsu Funaki led a parallel evolution in Japan, where cultural forces led to fighters becoming mainstream celebrities With no television contract and little publicity budget to speak of, the UFC was forced to adopt an aggressive marketing scheme to get public attention The potential for carnage and blood was played up and a predictable media outcry soon followed Politicians, led by Arizona Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain, were able to ban the sport in most states and even managed to suspend pay per view broadcasts While the popularity of MMA was at an all time high in Japan, MMA failed to thrive in America until Spike TV finally took a chance on the controversial sport and The Ultimate Fighter thrust mixed martial arts back into the mainstream, creating new mega stars like Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans, and breathing new life into old favourites For the first time, Total MMA Inside Ultimate Fighting arms you with all the history and information you need to know to understand the contemporary world of Mixed Martial Arts, where the backroom deal making is as fierce as the fighting

10 thoughts on “Total Mma: Inside Ultimate Fighting

  1. Jayson Jayson says:

    A 83% Very Good NotesEssentially a collection of interview quotations sewn together, it provides a surprisingly comprehensive base history.

  2. Artiom Karsiuk Artiom Karsiuk says:

    This is actually a very informative book full of history and interesting facts, so as far as sheer knowledge goes, this is a very useful read for any MMA fan who doesn t know the origins of the sport and got acquainted with it only through UFC I did rate it only 3 5 stars because the writing is very dry It isn t captivating or written in an entertaining manner it s just a history textbook for

  3. NinjaK NinjaK says:

    A much stronger,interesting, andengaging read than No Holds Barred This one was also better written I highly recommend to anyone who s an MMA fan, or interested in how the sport got its start.

  4. Nate Nate says:

    I just tore through Total MMA Inside Ultimate Fighting Jonathan Snowden s excellent history of MMA Its a hefty tome at almost 400 pages with 32 pages of color photos and 11 pages of notes but a very quick and entertaining read.If you re looking for a one volume history of Mixed Martial Arts it would be hard to do better than this The evolution of MMA in both America and Japan are covered nicely

  5. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    For me, the first half of the book was very involving Back when I was first watching some of the early UFC days I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes There was no or similar site to visit, I lived only off of the tapes I got hold of So it was great to get a look at all the backstage stuff with fighters and the businesses Getting to watch the history unfold in a mostly

  6. Adam Adam says:

    Super good I ve read a lot of MMA books, but few of them have this breadth and depth Lots of back story on stuff that usually gets left out of the usual history books e.g., the legitimate contribution of SEG, Japan s influence on MMA, how the Gracie s broke into the U.S., etc Pretty entertaining and surprisingly balanced definitely critical on issues shady ness of Zuffa, shady ness of Gracie propa

  7. Henry Henry says:

    The best and most authoritative book on MMA Docked for poor editorial decisions The last third of the book comes off as having been dated by the time it was published, with a lot of perfunctory stuff on fighters who were stars when the book was being written but now seem irrelevant Snowden s heart seems to bein strange stories of the sport s early days, when things weren t quite so glossy as they a

  8. Oliver Bateman Oliver Bateman says:

    a good history of MMA to the dawn of the lesnar era, though the earlier entries feel much deeper and richer than the later sections, which appear to be cut and pasted from prior online articles snowden is the go to guy on mma, and will remain so until the bullshit serious academics begin carving up and ruining this subject perhaps they already are if so, i ll make sure i get in on the action

  9. Moominboy Moominboy says:

    An excellent overview of the evolution of the sport It describes not only UFC s development but also Pride, pre Zuffa UFC and even earlier history Almost all major characters and events are described and the book finishes sometime in 2008 A very good and concise material for both an MMA follower and a newcomer Or a sports marketing executive, for that matter.

  10. Andrew Rizos Andrew Rizos says:

    The best, most expansive rundown of the history of MMA I ve seen More books like this are bound to come with the sport s skyrocketing popularity but I think this one will remain a how to Great balance of traditional and modern, great recognition of the SEG era While dated it s a must read for an MMA or combat sports fan.

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