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Passing Fancies (Julia Kydd #2) Thoughts After reading the first book with the character, I was eager to read this second book Our hopeful printer is moving in dangerous circles these days She s moving with the mixed racial set in Harlem and listening to jazz music She s making friends with people that pass and she doesn t understand just what the price could be for them or for her These are the days before civil rights movements This is when almost no one questioned the double standards for blacks Our heroine and her step brother survive this brush with this horrible side of humanity s inhumanity, but not without getting their bright spirits a bit dimmed Recommended RTF I was very excited about the setting New York in the 1920 s and a bibliophile but I love anything from this period anyway Unfortunately it was a slow read and the story wasn t very interesting I liked most of the characters except the main one, Julia view spoiler She met a woman once and suddenly they re BFF She keeps saying this to justify her meddling in the police investigation I thought it was a bit of a stretch and all in all that didn t sound sincere I wondered until the end of the book if there might be something else to it hide spoiler this was an enjoyable read, the characters were great and I really enjoyed the world that was built in this novel I hadn t read the first book in the series but I felt that it didn t effect my enjoyment of the book. Julia s pressing naivete presents as much striving and self congratulatory than considerate or sincere. Set In Manhattan S Fabled Jazz Age, Passing Fancies Delves Beneath The Era S Glittering Surface To Reveal Fissures And Frictions Still Raw Today In , Elegant Young Bibliophile Julia Kydd Settles In New York City, Eager To Join Its Lively Literary Scene Julia Is Befriended By Black Singer Eva Pruitt, Author Of A Manuscript Rud To Reveal Secrets Of The Glamorous Harlem Nightclub Where She Works, Which Caters To Fashionable White Only Audiences Publishers Are Competing For Eva S Novel, Keen To Exploit Fascination With New Negro Exoticism When The Club S Owner Is Found Shot To Death And The Police Brutally Question Eva, Julia Realizes Her Friend Has Already Been Judged Guilty Shaken And Ashamed At Her Own Na Vet About American Justice, Julia Vows To Find The Murderer Before The Police Can Hunt Down The Fugitive Eva Julia S Search Draws Her Into Eva S World, Where She Must Confront The Privileges And Blindspots Of Her Race And Social Class Even As She Pursues A Wily Killer

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