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Little White Secrets A daughter pushing the limits A marriage ready to crack A secret that can break them For Emily Rossi, life may not be perfect, but it s pretty close She has a great career, a house in the country, a solid marriage to Eric and two wonderful children tennis superstar Daniel and quiet, sensitive Zara But when her fourteen year old daughter brings home a toxic new best friend, Emily s seemingly perfect family starts to spiral out of controlSuddenly Zara is staying out late, taking drugs and keeping bad company And just when Emily needs Eric to be an involved father, he seems too wrapped up with his job in London to care What s , he s started drinking againWhen a dark secret from the past emerges, Emily s life is turned upside down Struggling to protect the people she loves, can she save her damaged family Doing so may mean keeping a secret of her own

About the Author: Carol Mason

I am the Kindle 1 andCharts bestselling author of After You left, The Secrets of Married Women, The Last Time We Met, Send Me A Lover and The Shadow Between Us My brand new novel, LITTLE WHITE SECRETS, publishes May 1, 2020 but for the month of April it s anFirst Reads pick, so if you havePrime you can download it free if not, it s still on sale for 1.99 through April Please feel free to follow me onto be notified when I have a new release friend me on Facebook or like my author page as I love interacting on there always enjoy getting comments about my books especially lovely ones , and am always willing to attend your book club or do a phone conference if you d like to have me If you read my books and enjoy them, do consider taking a moment to leave a review ontoo It can be very short if you want, but I cannot stress how important reviews are for authors If you have left a review already, then thanks so much Wishing you many happy hours of reading Best wishes, from Carol.

10 thoughts on “Little White Secrets

  1. Ceecee Ceecee says:

    3 4 Stars rounded up The Rossi family seem to have the perfect life Father Eric has a good job in London, mother Emily has a part time lecturer job at Leeds University, son Daniel is a promising young tennis player and daug

  2. Berit☀️✨ Berit☀️✨ says:

    Secrets and deceit Carol Mason has crafted a fast paced addictive story filled with drama, lies, and misdirection Emily seemingly had the perfect family a loving husband, a super athlete son, and a sweet daughter That is unti

  3. Dash fan Dash fan says:

    5 An Enthralling Dark Domestic Drama, I Couldn t Put Down Emily and Eric have a lovely home and the perfect family but Eric spends alot of time away from home working and he is clearly hiding lots of things from Emily His behav

  4. Erin Clemence Erin Clemence says:

    Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review Expected pub date May 1, 2020 Little White Secrets by English author Carol Mason, is the ultimate fa

  5. Catherine McKenzie Catherine McKenzie says:

    So impressed with this book from Carol Mason A great read that had me turning the pages deep into the night Pick this one up if you are a fan of Liane Moriarty

  6. Nicki Nicki says:

    The picture was Emily Rossi s favourite, it was a picture that portrayed a happy family, a picture of perfection Emily, her loving husband Eric, their son Daniel who was a tennis superstar and their quiet,sensitive daughter Zara If i

  7. MicheleReader MicheleReader says:

    Rated 3.75 rounded up.Meet the Rossi family Emily and Eric and their talented son Daniel, who is a star tennis player, and quiet daughter Zara A seemingly perfect family is introduced We soon see the layers of this idyllic family peel

  8. Carrie Carrie says:

    Review coming soon.

  9. Renita D& Renita D& says:

    I loved this book so very much Every character was so believable and real their actions relatable still thinking about them now weeks after reading thus stunner of a book So many twists and turns A heart breaking, thrilling, tense and pacy

  10. Anna || BooksandBookends Anna || BooksandBookends says:

    The reader is told that the husband in the story has a secret from the outset From outlookers Eric has the perfect family but it s all a facade There are a multitude of cracks tearing their family portrait and it s barely clinging together T

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