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The Vanishing Deep Bestselling Author Astrid Scholte, Returns With A Thrilling Adventure In Which The Dead Can Be Revivedfor A PriceSeventeen Year Old Tempe Was Born Into A World Of Water When The Great Waves Destroyed Her Planet, Its People Had To Learn To Survive Living On The Water, But The Ruins Of The Cities Below Still Called Tempe Dives Daily, Scavenging The Ruins Of A Bygone Era, Searching For Anything Of Value To Trade For Notes It Isn T Food Or Clothing That She Wants To Buy, But Her Dead Sister S Life For A Price, The Research Facility On The Island Of Palindromena Will Revive The Dearly Departed For Twenty Four Hours Before Returning Them To Death It Isn T A Heartfelt Reunion That Tempe Is After She Wants Answers Elysea Died Keeping A Terrible Secret, One That Has Ignited An Unquenchable Fury In Tempe Her Beloved Sister Was Responsible For The Death Of Their Parents Tempe Wants To Know WhyBut Once Revived, Elysea Has Other Plans She Doesn T Want To Spend Her Last Day In A Cold Room Accounting For A Crime She Insists She Didn T Commit Elysea Wants Her Freedom And One Final Glimpse At The Life That Was Stolen From Her She Persuades Tempe To Break Her Out Of The Facility, And They Embark On A Dangerous Journey To Discover The Truth About Their Parents Death And Mend Their Broken Bond But They Re Pursued Every Step Of The Way By Two Palindromena Employees Desperate To Find Them Before Elysea S Time Is Up And Before The Secret Behind The Revival Process And The True Cost Of Restored Life Is Revealed

10 thoughts on “The Vanishing Deep

  1. Candace Robinson Candace Robinson says:

    What a unique and interesting world I loved the whole world drowned by water concept It had a tinge of Waterworld but a hundred times better These characters I especially loved Lor He had so much guilt going on and he just needed some love Elysea was seriously a wonderful side character She was sweet, genuine

  2. Astrid Scholte Astrid Scholte says:

    Update 8th of February Penguin Teen s preorder campaign is up If you preorder before the 3 3 20, you can enter your receipt and recieve an exclusive waterproof phone pouch US only Check out the details here Update 15th of December Pre order campaign with Good Choice Reading is live You can order a signed US hardcov

  3. Jackie ϟ Bookseller Jackie ϟ Bookseller says:

    I received an ARC of this title from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 3.5 5 starsRTC closer to publication March 2019 I liked

  4. Angela Staudt Angela Staudt says:

    I received an ARC from BookishFirst in exchange for an honest review Twenty four hours with your loved one didn t make it any easier to say goodbye, no mater what Palindromena promised There was no closure There never would be The Vanishing Deep has to be one of the most unique worlds I have ever read Scholte really kn

  5. Sarah Glenn Marsh Sarah Glenn Marsh says:

    Prepare to be swept away by this thrilling new story from Astrid This book has it all a countdown, adventure on the sea, cool creatures, and one of my favorite sister relationships I ve ever read I LOVED it

  6. Danielle (always_read_the_end_first) Danielle (always_read_the_end_first) says:

    My mother used to say that change happened For everyone People changed, people could enact change But that was bullshit Change happened to you Life, and death, they happened to you And there was nothing you could do about it You either held on for the ride or got swept away in the storm Astrid Scholte4.5 STARSSIDENOTE to the publisher and

  7. Michelle Michelle says:

    WOW Beautifully written and just simply amazing Dear Booklovers Add this book to your TBR Preorder this book.Purchase this book.You are WELCOME

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I am genuinely at a loss to come up with a constructive review I would ordinarily couch my criticisms in between some compliments but I can t do that here, mainly because I just don t have much to say that is positive The concept has potential The world in which The Vanishing Deep takes place is some kind of dystopia created when a giant continent of

  9. Celia McMahon Celia McMahon says:

    Thank you to Edelweiss and the publisher for a chance to review this book First off, kudos to the author for creating a unique setting for THE VANISHING DEEP I was swept away pun intended from the first chapter It was Astrid s way of giving us these deep, realistic characters that drew me in She has a way of writing protagonists with such emotion, and I lo

  10. Sabrina Ricci Sabrina Ricci says:

    I could not put this book down Astrid Scholte s writing is so captivating, and I loved the premise of this story, and all its twists and there are many, many wonderful twists There s to every character than meets the eye, and Tempest is such a compelling, strong character, who has a deep, complex connection with her sister Reading this reminded me that I should

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