[pdf] Zed Author Joanna Kavenna – Vansonphu.com

Zed From the winner of the Orange Award for New Writing comes a blistering, satirical novel about life under a global media and tech corporation that knows exactly what we think, what we want, and what we do before we do One corporation has made a perfect world based on a perfect algorithm now what to do with all these messy people Lionel Bigman is dead Murdered by a robot Guy Matthias, the philandering founder and CEO of the mega corporation Beetle, insists it was human error But was it Either the predictive algorithms of Beetle s supposedly omniscient lifechain don t work, or, they ve been hacked Both scenarios are impossible to imagine and signal the end of Beetle s technotopia and life as we know it Dazzlingly original and darkly comic, Zed asks profound questions about who we are, what we owe to one another, and what makes us human It describes our moment the ugliness and the beauty perfectly Kavenna is a prophet who has seen deeply into the present and thrown back her head and laughed.

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