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The Beleaguered City The Companion Volume To Stars In Their Courses, This Marvelous Account Of Grant S Siege Of The Mississippi Port Of Vicksburg Continues Foote S Narrative Of The Great Battles Of The Civil War Culled From His Massive Three Volume History Recounting A Campaign Which Lincoln Called One Of The Most Brilliant In The World.

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  1. Manray9 Manray9 says:

    The Beleaguered City is a Modern Library adaptation of part of Foote s masterpiece, The Civil War Excerpted for the popular reader, nothing of Foote s careful research or literary skill is lost While always taking a backseat in American history to Gettysburg the subject of another Modern Library edition of Foote Lite , Vicksburg was arguably the critical campaign of the Civil War it pe

  2. Sean Chick Sean Chick says:

    A fair apprisal of the campaign Foote acknowledges Grant s abilities without vapid hero worship a problem as of late in books about the general and his views on Pemberton are fair Best of all, events outside of Vicksburg, such as Port Hudson ...

  3. Stenwjohnson Stenwjohnson says:

    Shelby Foote s The Beleaguered City, a book length excerpt from his 3000 page three volume The Civil War A Narrative, focuses on the Vicksburg campaign of 1862 63, an epic collision of then modern military technology, trial and error tactics, and unforgiving near Gothic landscape as Grant and Sherman attempted to break the back of the south by gaining dominance of the Mississippi river It

  4. Jdb Jdb says:

    This short book is mostly an extract from Foote s masterpiece 3 volume Civil War history Foote gives all the relevant details weaving them in a dramatic narrative style, befitting the novelist he fundamentally was A great read for Civil War buffs and most worthwhile for readers of general interest.

  5. Tony Tony says:

    Foote, Shelby THE BELEAGUERED CITY THE VICKSBURG CAMPAIGN originally published in 1963 this ed 1995 Many of my friends have the three volume set of Foote s The Civil War sitting on their bookshelves My set has been there for about fifteen years The work is the acknowledged history of the conflict, and has been highly acclaimed by both readers and critics alike My problem is that the big set

  6. Adam Adam says:

    I enjoyed this detailed account of the Vicksburg campaign It readslike a play by play of troop movements with sidebar discussions on the strategy If you re not into military, this probably is not your thing This book brings to reality the importance of the Vicksburg campaign because of location and Confederate supply chain We oftentimes see things in other non military books that make it see

  7. Sal Prezioso Sal Prezioso says:

    I listened to this book when I was doing a lot of driving This is about the siege at Vicksburg Its the Vicksburg chapters of his famous trilogy on the Civil War From a history perspective, its a tough battle to get your arms around because it wasof a campaign and siege than a quick 2 or 3 day battle Foote makes it all come together, but the added benifit is listening to him read it His quiet

  8. Ken Ken says:

    Thus ends my recent foray into the Civil War Shelby Foote, himself a Mississippian, provided the narrative in an objective manner but with some sympathy toward Pemberton and the Vickburg defenders who were apparently thrown under the bus by the Richmond government in favor of Lee s pointless invasion of Pennsylvania With Vicksburg, the Union split the Confederacy in two and regained use of the

  9. Gary Pearson Gary Pearson says:

    Most Northerners may not have even heard of the Vicksburg Campaign to caputre the Confederate forterss, divide the Confederacy in two and open up the Mississippi to Northern commerce, but it was arguablyimportant than even the most famous battle of the Civil War, won just one day earlier at Gettysburg And Shelby Foote s book is perhaps the best one on the topic It was a great loss when Foote pa

  10. Ken Ken says:

    I have copies of both the print and audiobook versions of this work I like both, but the audiobook version I especially enjoyed because the narrator was Shelby Foote himself This work is excerpts from Foote s The Civil War, Volume 2 Fredericksburg to Meridian It is a complete recounting of Grant s campaign to capture Vicksburg, including all the attempts that failed, and auxiliary actions to ass

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