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Dark and Deepest Red Summer,A strange sickness sweeps through Strasbourg women dance in the streets, some until they fall down dead As rumors of witchcraft spread, suspicion turns toward Lavinia and her family, and Lavinia may have to do the unimaginable to save herself and everyone she lovesFive centuries later, a pair of red shoes seal to Rosella Oliva s feet, making her dance uncontrollably They draw her toward a boy who knows the dancing fever s history better than anyone Emil, whose family was blamed for the fever five hundred years ago But there s to what happened inthan even Emil knows, and discovering the truth may decide whether Rosella survives the red shoesWith McLe s signature lush prose, Dark and Deepest Red pairs the forbidding magic of a fairy tale with a modern story of passion and betrayal

10 thoughts on “Dark and Deepest Red

  1. chai ♡ chai ♡ says:

    If you ve been following me for a while, you d know that any new release by McLe pulls me along like a child who has hold of my sleeve I ve read all of their books, and was racked by them Each time I turned the last page, I wanted to hold their stories for a while in the quiet undercurrents of myself, until their edges are wor

  2. Lala BooksandLala Lala BooksandLala says:

    I ve given every Anna Marie McLe 5 stars, so this is a bit of a surprise even to me Trying to sort out my feelings is hard because the story telling I know and love was still there Their vivid descriptions and dynamic characters still there The passion and personal connection you can just FEEL in their work absolutely there Obviou

  3. Mackenzi Mackenzi says:

    This book has ruined all other books for me.

  4. Caidyn (BW Reviews; he/him/his) Caidyn (BW Reviews; he/him/his) says:

    Thanks to Edelweiss and Feiwel Friends for having this book up for download Also thanks to my friend who sent it to me first after I was complaining about being rejected CW transphobia, racism, anti Romani, and near executionsI will say, I liked this better than the other book that I read by them In that one, I absolutely adored their tr

  5. Elise (TheBookishActress) Elise (TheBookishActress) says:

    I m so delighted by everything about this blurb Anna Marie I love you

  6. destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] says:

    update Dec 3, 2019This was what Twitter chose for my November pick it for me read, and I was really stoked to pick it up, but sadly just wasn t in the right reading mood for it at all Anna Marie has such an incredible style but I always find I have to be in just the right headspace for it, and I m not right now Rather than risk forcing myself and

  7. Hollis Hollis says:

    I ve had a few reasons to not rate books over the years But sometimes the reason is simply because I honestly don t know what the book deserves This here is one of those times.This is my first McLe despite hearing nothing but wonderful magical things about their writing for. years And I can admit, this was magical and at times wonderful But did I enj

  8. Jasmine from How Useful It Is Jasmine from How Useful It Is says:

    DNF I m just not feeling it I tried but I don t find any of the character s views interesting The love sprung up out of nowhere since there s an 11 years jump All of a sudden Lala wanted to kiss Alifair and Emil saying he likes Rosella long ago but when did that happen I hate to DNF but I just don t care to find out the ending.

  9. Jonna Peltokangas Jonna Peltokangas says:

    a brutal fairy tale the true medieval events that may have inspired it two girls of color, 500 years apart and the queerest ending I ve ever writtenI CAN T WAIT

  10. ˗ˏˋliaˎˊ˗ ˗ˏˋliaˎˊ˗ says:

    this cover is GORGEOUS and the premise sounds SOOO GOOD i m super excited, can it please be 2020 already

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