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Once Upon a Time (Calluvias Royalty, #3) Ice Prince.Prince Jamil Of Calluvia Dislikes That Moniker, But He Has To Admit It S Not Wrong He Is Responsible And Proper, And It S Probably Accurate To Say That He Isn T Good At Emotions After Being Widowed, Jamil S Life Has Revolved Around His Duties As A Crown Prince And Little Else But One Night It Changes.One Night, Jamil Meets A Man At The Royal Stables, A Man Who Is The Opposite Of Proper, A Man With Eyes As Black As Sin.Rohan Di Lehr Is Everything Jamil Should Despise.He S A Rude, Lowborn Criminal.He S Terrible For Jamil S Self Control.He Makes Jamil Behave Like A Wanton Man, Not The Crown Prince.They Have Nothing In Common They Have No Future Together.He Still Can T Stay Away.A Story Of Forbidden Attraction And Love That Defies All Odds Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual M M Content And Graphic Language

10 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time (Calluvias Royalty, #3)

  1. Shin Mon Thway Shin Mon Thway says:

    OMG I swear Alessandra Hazard can write one book a day and I still won t get enough This is everything I hoped I would get in Prince Jamil s story Prince Jamil who s moniker is the ice prince, the prim and proper and responsible crown prince who is secretly slutty and kinky and submissive Loved it And man, I knew Rohan was going to be a bit of an alpha arsehole from the glimpse we got from the previous book but I loved how brutish and obs

  2. Nazanin Nazanin says:

    4 StarsTold in multiple Pov mostly in dual , 3rd person, it s the third installment in the Calluvia s Royalty series It can be read as a standalone but it s better if you read it in order Rohan was so possessive and protective of Jamil, I liked that and I liked that he did everything possible to be with Jamil but one thing that bothered me a bit was view spoiler his feelings for his daughter hadn t...

  3. Lorraine Lesar Lorraine Lesar says:

    Another win from the Hazard Book StableMove over Ksar there s another Assholian in Town and his name is Grandmaster Castien Idhron..Once upon a time, a Prince and a Rebel fell in love and had a beautiful baby daughter Like all good fairytales, we get the resident baddie and also this being Calluvia the land of telepathic merges we had political shenanigans that made Donald Trump look like Windy Miller of Camberwick Green an old kids TV program I really w

  4. Eugenia Eugenia says:

    The fucking tension in this book I FUCKING LOVED IT I ll keep this short 1 Straight very new stable trainer1 Grieving widowed gay very crown princeAt first sight they re drawn to each other literally They fight this Fit TensionTensionTensionThey lose the fightThey fuck their brains out SeparationThey fuck their brains out Rebel shenanigans They fuck their br...

  5. haletostilinski haletostilinski says:

    Oh wow, I absolutely adored this, I couldn t put it down at all I m really loving this series so much Also, Hazard writes the best sex scenes They re always so hot and steamy, even if it s a couple I m not crazy connected with Definitely was with these two, though With Crown Prince Jamil, Seyn s brother from the last book, we got a hint that he had something going on in the last book, but only a hint We re lead to believe this Crown Prince is having an affair wit

  6. Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder& Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder& says:

    A Good Read The third book in this series centers around the Crown Prince of Third Grand Clan Jamil ngh veighli 33 of Calluvia and certified zywern trainer view spoiler a rebel there to find proof that the rebels didn t kill Jamil s husband hide spoiler

  7. Harumi Harumi says:

    4.5This love history it s BEAUTIFUL, by moments I was feeling so deep in love with Rohan like Jamil does.Book by book i fall in love with Calluvia and i want to know and about his history and his people.I can t wait t...

  8. Nazanin Nazanin says:

    4.5 stars Wow This author really does write the best intimate scenes I loved how well balanced this story was Some humour, some angst, some drama I can t wait to read the upcoming books

  9. ~Volha~ ~Volha~ says:

    Ms Hazard did it again She gave us desire, love, anguish and hope Two men from opposing sides clash their views, traditions and bodies in passionate dance that can only lead to heartache and disaster What do a prince and a servant have in common At first glance, the answer is nothing but once close enough, the melding of the mind brings the melding of the heart and soul Bound in childhood, Jamil suffers greatly from the loss of his husband and bond mate Even if theirs was not the greatest love, they w

  10. Al *the semi serial series skipper* Al *the semi serial series skipper* says:

    Loved it

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