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Hide and Shriek (Camp Confidential, #14) The Girls Go On An Overnight And Share Horror Stories Around The Campfire But It S The One About Cropsy, The Creepy Old Man Who Lives Just Outside The Campgrounds And Is Known For Torturing Lakeview Campers, That Hits Closest To Home Especially When Chelsea Leaves The Group For A Bathroom Break In The Woods And Doesn T Return After 45 Minutes No Sooner Do Her Bunkmates Go After Her Then Do They Realize They Ve Completely Lost Their Way And Are Now At The Mercy Of The Evil Cropsy S Whims

10 thoughts on “Hide and Shriek (Camp Confidential, #14)

  1. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    This book is kind of fun, and a good way to introduce middle grade readers to the horror genre without giving them anything gory or profane I think I would ve enjoyed itif I were younger, though.

  2. Lila Jane Lila Jane says:

    OMG i love this book i read it at my camp which is in the middle of nowhere and i was in the only haunted cabin it freaked me out so much.I LOVED IT

  3. E. C. McRoy E. C. McRoy says:

    I m giving this four stars with the fact that this is middle grade in mind Also that I haven t read the first thirteen in this series So I thought this was a really good book that reminded me of a mixture of Flash Forward and Are You Afraid Of The Dark ah, the good old days It was a fun, wholesome story that doesn t have all the violence gore cussing sex of books these days even YA gets risky

  4. Sydney Miller Sydney Miller says:

    This book is about a group of girls who go on a camping trip in the woods, on a dark night,, the perfect night for some scaring Is Cropsy back form the dead to scare the girls all the way back to camp, or is it just a bunch of boys playing a joke 1 My friend showed it to me at a book fair.3 I think that the author has a skilled idea of how to get the reader anticipating every page, and what s going

  5. Tiggergrlshay Tiggergrlshay says:

    This book was so amazing I d definately have to say that this is one of the best books I ve readThere is so much actiona nd it keeps you on your toeOne time I got so scared by the book I wasnt able to sleep

  6. Yasmeen Yasmeen says:

    The camp confidential series are all so good, I read already ten of her series But her hide and shriek book just make me shriek Don t ever read this book before bed because I don t think u will be able to sleep But other than that u should really read all of her books

  7. Isabelle Miles Isabelle Miles says:

    I read and loved Camp Confidential Hide and Shriek by Melissa J Morgan It s is about a group of teenage girls who go away to camp every summer, and this summer the counselors think they need to bond The girls have to spend a couple nights out in the deep, dark woods instead of their warm, comfortable cabins Tori tells a super creepy campfire story about a madman murderer named Cropsy who lives in the exact woods thei

  8. Nana-esi Igyan Nana-esi Igyan says:

    Genre FictionLexile Score 630LMystery, Nature, FriendshipBook Review This book overall earns a four for my rating This novel has lots of suspense By the author including his in the story, the readers are left at the edge of their seats wondering what will happen next.Summary A group of girls are on an overnight trip while there, they decide to share.horror stories around the campfire One story which comes up is about Crops

  9. Christine Christine says:

    As I expected, not really that freaky except for at the end I was even able to read it in the dead of night There s a lot of drama going on between the girls, and it isn t made any better at first when they are forced to go on an overnight ccamping trip together, because pretty soon, C...

  10. Rayanne Rayanne says:

    This is a very excellent book that shows teamwork and bravery Bunk 5A girls go camping and find out that they need to work together to save there bunk mates They hear this tragic story about a man named cropsy and he is after them He is a one armed maniace killer that every...

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