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The Empty Nesters Thank you to NetGalley and Montlake Romance for providing me with this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.In their years in Sugar Run, Texas, Tootsie and Smokey Colbert had had so many neighbors that they d lost count.Tootsie and Smokey never had children of their own so were very pleased when three military families moved to their block The couple took all of them under their wings and became surrogate parents and grandparents for the young families The men are all in the same squad and their wives have been best friends since they all met at enlistment The women keep the home fires burning while they are away.Each family has a daughter about the same age Upon graduation from high school, they all decide to enlist as well This leaves the moms with serious Empty Nest Syndrome Tootsie has lost her beloved Smokey yet still plans to go to her homeplace and their honeymoon spot as they did each year The elderly couple had bought an RV for this upcoming trip Tootsie convinces the three women to come with her on the adventure Diana, Carmen and Joanie are in for a journey of discovery Smokey s nephew, Luke is the driver HE has fond memories of time spent in Scrap, Texas with Smokey and Tootsie The extra ladies add a bit to the adventure than he planned.I just recently discovered Carolyn Brown and I must say that I have really loved what I read This book has sadness, happiness, uncertainty, anger, joy and most of all love As is often mentioned, you don t have to share DNA to be family.The writing is effortless The storytelling is enchanting I feel like I could step into the story and be right at home I ached for each of the mom s missing their daughters I rejoiced with them when they finally got calls and letters from them Each woman has a different event going on in their life yet they were are intertwined The strong bond of their friendship was wonderful Tootsie was the glue that held them all together And Luke Well Luke was a delightful addition He was smart, funny and a bit shy Oh, and of course, handsome.What a fabulous afternoon read I started it and couldn t put it down I would love to see a story with the daughters Highly recommended I absolutely could not put this one down I loved it so much The characters were outstanding, and Carolyn Brown can make me forgot everything when I am reading one of her stories I got so caught up in this story that I forgot to eat It is a story of heartache, grief, and love shared by friends of military husbands, and daughters that join the military, which therefore left them Empty Nesters Also of a dear lady named Tootsie that is like the glue that holds them together, and is going through grieving as well My husband was military so it was easy to relate to so much of this story Don t miss this one. As with any Carolyn Brown book you get pulled into the characters and feel like you re experiencing things with them As an empty nester I can easily relate.When long time friends and army wives ship their daughters off to boot camp, they find themselves empty nesters Emotions run high when one of the women receives divorce papers the same day To help themselves thru their pain they agree to go on a road trip with an elderly neighbor who has been having a hard time after the death of her husband The women have their ups and downs but their friendship never falters They learn to have hope as their lives go in different directions Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy. When life gives you lemons you get moving on with class Welcome to the world of the Army Wives and Fab Friends who want the best for their girls.Who would ve ever thought this meant joining the army together Carmen of course is the most perplexed because she s also just been served up divorce papers and Diana knows all too well how crazy her life will now become.With a shoulder to cry on they embark on a journey together of hope, love, and recovery full of healing and strength in numbers.These ladies are a class all of their own and will prove that just because you re down doesn t mean you re out.There s a whole new world that is ready to welcome them in and accept their flaws. I received an ARC from Netgalley Loved loved loved this book It s about 3 army wives who settle on a street near a retired army wife and her husband Years go by and life happens and this is the story of how they cope with it I highly recommend everyone reading this. Wow This has been one of the best summers ever to read books This is the best yet Better than expected Never expected from the beginning how the book would end Very light enjoyable reading Fun, heartwarming, laughter and tears all rolled up into a good book Having transplanted myself to Texas helped me laugh Can t ever go wrong with a Carolyn Brown book. When picking up books, any book, you tend to have a preconception of how it will play out This one was far better than anything I could have anticipated It is well thought out structured The depth of the characters and their own unique, individual personalities are stunning The substance of the story itself is brilliant, the author has done a fantastic job of bringing all aspects of the book together and giving us a solid, immersive read An easy one to get lost in and thoroughly enjoyable.Thank you to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for my arc All thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own. I sat down and read this book in one sitting It was vintage Carolyn Brown authentic characters in real life situations I especially appreciated the way she handled loss Loss of a spouse and your children growing up and moving away are real losses I loved this book and would heartily recommend it to others. The worst of times calls for the best of friends in this sassy novel about starting over, from New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown Dear friends and army wives Diana, Carmen, and Joanie have been through war, rumors of war, marital problems, motherhood, fears, joy, and heartache But none of the women are prepared when their daughters decide to enlist in the army together Facing an empty nest won t be easy Especially for Carmen With emotions already high, she suffers an even greater blow divorce papers Diana understands the fury and tears She s been there.With nothing to lose and no one at home, the girlfriends impulsively accept an unexpected offer from their elderly neighbor The recently widowed Tootsie has an RV, a handsome nephew at the wheel, and an aim for tiny Scrap, Texas, to embrace memories of her late husband Still grieving, she can use the company as a balm for her broken heart So can the empty nesters.Embarking on a journey of hope, romance, and healing, Diana, Carmen, and Joanie are at a turning point in their lives And with the open road ahead of them, it s just the beginning. Three women who met as Army wives now have to face empty nests as their daughters all join the Army together Joanie is happily married and sends off her daughter Zoe Diana is divorced and sends off her daughter Rebecca Carmen sends off her daughter Natalie and arrives home from dropping off the girls to divorce papers Joanie, Diana and Carmen have been best friends for many years and have happily lived with their families on the same street in Sugar Run, Texas That s where they met Tootsie and Smokey Colbert Smokey is long retired from the military and as he and Tootsie never had children of their own they were delighted when the three young military familes moved into their neighborhood They basically adopted all three families as their own Just prior to the enlistment of the girls Tootsie lost her husband Smokey to a heart attack Tootsie has already purchased a motorhome which she planned to travel home to Scrap, Texas where she was born and raised with Smokey as they did every year in the fall Without Smokey to keep her company she decides to invite the empty nest moms along for the trip to take their minds off of their daughters enlistment and other troubles She asks Smokey s nephew Luke to drive and they start off on their extended roadtrip They have good times as they travel along and stay in Tootsie s home in Scrap Along the way Diana and Luke discover each other Carmen starts to come to accept her pending divorce and Joanie learns to count her blessings.The Empty Nesters by Carolyn Brown is a heartwarming trip through a story that delights and gives the reader a comforting feeling of love and camaraderie The story is full of emotion, good times as well as bad times and the joy of friendhip and family Carolyn Brown is known for her strong, loving characters and this book is full of them I became emotionally involved with them and cheered them on to acceptance of their new lives and happiness Carolyn Brown always delights me with her feel good stories.

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