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Stronghold: One Man's Quest to Save the World's Wild Salmon A powerful and inspiring story Guido Rahr s mission to save the wild Pacific salmon leads him into adventures that make for a breathtakingly exciting read Ian Frazier, author of Travels in SiberiaIn the tradition of Mountains Beyond Mountains and The Orchid Thief, Stronghold is Tucker Malarkey s gripping chronicle of an unlikely visionary and his crusade to protect the world s last bastion for wild salmon From a young age, Guido Rahr was a misfit among his family and classmates, preferring to spend his time in the natural world An obsessive fly fisherman, Rahr noticed when the salmon runs of the Pacific Northwest began to decline and was one of the few who understood why As dams, industry, and climate change degraded the homes of these magnificent fish, Rahr saw that the salmon of the Pacific Rim were destined to go the way of their Atlantic brethren near extinctionAn improbable and inspiring story, Stronghold takes us on a wild adventure, from Oregon to Alaska to one of the world s last remaining salmon strongholds in the Russian Far East, a landscape of ecological richness and diversity that is rapidly being developed for oil, gas, minerals, and timber And along the way Rahr must navigate a tangled web of scientists, conservationists, Russian oligarchs, corrupt officials, impenetrable bureaucracies, and unexpected allies in order to set into motion a plan to secure the survival of the endangered salmon, an extraordinary keystone species whose demise would reverberate across the planet Tucker Malarkey, who accompanies Rahr to the Russian wilderness and reports on events from up close, has written a clarion call for a sustainable future, a remarkable work of natural history, and a riveting account of a species whose future is closely linked to that of our own All fishermen know that we have to fight to save the waters we love Stronghold tells a captivating story of the struggle to save the last great salmon rivers Johnny Morris, founder owner of Bass Pro shops, owner of Cabela s

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  1. Sharn (Caffeine & Commas) Sharn (Caffeine & Commas) says:

    Stronghold deliverers the importance of our planet, conservation and sustainability in a nice neat adventure filled package Strongholdchronicles the life and triumphs of Guido Rahr, one of the incredible minds at the forefront of g

  2. Lauren Lauren says:

    Unpopular opinion alert I really struggled to finish this one On its face, this book s description sells it as a fascinating study of a man who has dedicated his life to save salmon, filled with adventure, intrigue, corruption, andT

  3. Fredrick Danysh Fredrick Danysh says:

    A biography of Guido Rahr and his efforts to preserve wild salmon in the Pacific Basin Today, he would be classed ADD during his early years This insightful book was written by his cousin This was a free review copy obtained via Good

  4. Michele Benchouk Michele Benchouk says:

    This book is an eye opener on the crisis regarding salmon health around the globe There were so many points that I never knew about how different salmon varieties prefer different parts of a river for spawning and how their bodies are

  5. Kelsey Hennegen Kelsey Hennegen says:

    Yes, this is a non fiction book about salmon, but it is also an extraordinary story, told with rich language and a fluid, playful cadence There s this balance between the concrete and explicit bio diversity, evolution, keystone species

  6. Jill Jill says:

    5 starsA fascinating look at the world s declining salmon population and the ecological concerns happening around the world The future is grim if changes are not made soon I definitely recommend this book to everyone I received a compli

  7. Sharon Sharon says:

    I chose this book on the strength of the publishers blurb, that it is in the vein of The Orchid Thief which I loved, and it s about saving Salmon, from Oregon and beyond, and I live in Oregon I didn t know that Guido Rahr and the author

  8. sarah morgan sarah morgan says:

    Thank you, Net Galley and Spiegel Grau for the chance to read this astonishing book I chose it initially because of the title As a native Oregonian, I thought it would interest me because salmon is our heritage Not far into the book, I re

  9. Deanna Deanna says:

    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway.I feel privileged to have read this book Even though I have had no direct involvement in saving the salmon, I feel like I have taken part in something extraordinary after completing this book Tucker

  10. Staci Cannon Staci Cannon says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down, even during a beach vacation It is a gripping biography of a man dedicated to a sensitive ecosystem that is in peril I appreciated that the author Guido s cousin did not gloss ov

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