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Resurrection Lily: The BRCA Gene, Hereditary Cancer & Lifesaving Whispers from the Grandmother I Never Knew Resurrection Lily Shares A Story Of Inheritance And Intuition, Of What Can Surface In The Body And The Spirit When Linked By DNA As Amy Byer Shainman Discovers She Has Inherited A BRCA Gene Mutation That Puts Her At High Risk Of Developing Certain Cancers, She Struggles To Come To Terms With Preventively Removing Her Breasts When She Does Not Have A Breast Cancer Diagnosis Through Her Experience Making Decisions About Her Health, Amy Becomes Invigorated With Purpose And Establishes Herself As A Leading Advocate For Those With BRCA And Other Hereditary Cancer Syndromes, Tirelessly Working To Educate Others Facing The Same Daunting RealityPainting A Timely And Moving Portrait Of What It Feels Like To Carry A BRCA Gene Mutation, Resurrection Lily Provides Firsthand Insight Into The Patient Experience Weaved Throughout Amy S Open And Vulnerable Story Is The Expertise Of Her Doctors, Education From Top Medical Experts In Cancer Genetics, And Whispered Lifesaving Guidance From Her Grandmother Lillian

10 thoughts on “Resurrection Lily: The BRCA Gene, Hereditary Cancer & Lifesaving Whispers from the Grandmother I Never Knew

  1. Kim Kim says:

    won this book off of www.librarything.com giveaway the book is a true story and is a signed copy from the author won this book off of www.librarything.com giveaway the book is a true story and is a signed copy from the author

  2. Amie& Amie& says:

    Before reading this memoir I had some small knowledge regarding the BRCA gene If I had been asked before reading this book whether I felt I was fairly well informed on the subject of breast cancer and the BRCA Gene, I would have confidently said that I was Now, upon completion of Amy Byer Shainman s memoir, I know I was mistaken The reason I am including the above fact

  3. Shannon Shannon says:

    Phenomenal memoir by a phenomenal woman Amy shares her deeply personal account of how the BRCA gene mutation has been a recurring story in her life and the story of her family long before anyone even understood what a BRCA gene mutation is It is clear that Amy took tremendous care in putting this book together for the BRCA community with the purpose of helping, educating, and sup

  4. Elisa Elisa says:

    Many thanks to the author for sharing her experience, research and information upon learning that she tested positive for the BRCA 1 Mutation and her research into her family history of cancer on her father s side through her maternal grandmother s family The author not only shares her personal experience, but the points of view of family members, doctors and researchers A must read

  5. Iris Levine Accettola Iris Levine Accettola says:

    A Soul Baring MemoirIn Yiddish, there is a word, bashert, which translates to meant to be Would I want Jan to have three cancers No But Amy, as detective for her family, became the voice of a grandmother who was gone at a young age and left a legacy of breadcrumbs to be followed Amy followed those breadcrumbs to try and find answers So, it was meant to be, that Amy became an advocate for BRCA positi

  6. Sandra Lanman Sandra Lanman says:

    Amy Byer Shainman begins her book, Resurrection Lily with a provocative question What if I told you that the airline just tested the airplane you are in and they found that it has as high as an 85 percent chance of crashing It s a scary proposition, but her intent soon becomes clear Shainman s book is a memoir about living her life as a carrier of an inherited mutation in the BRCA1 gene that puts her at high

  7. emmabbooks emmabbooks says:

    Essential information and guidance about hereditary cancerAn informative and interesting book about hereditary cancer, with loads of practical advice and information on where to get help and guidance The author tells her story of life with the BRCA gene breast cancer , and that of her family and friends, in a factual and non emotional way though the contents may well make the reader emotional There are also sections by

  8. Reader Views Reader Views says:

    Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views 9 19 When Amy Byer Shainman learned that she carries the BRCA 1 gene mutation, which puts her at risk for breast and other deadly cancers, she chose to be proactive about reducing her risks She made a difficult but educated decision to have a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy and have both her ovaries removed Shainman educates family members, friends and readers about what is involved wi

  9. Rose Parisi Rose Parisi says:

    Through words, Amy Shainman was able to bring to life the unspoken stories and implications of obtaining genetic information It was enlightening to hear the voices in Amy s head and the voices of her loved ones I learned how subjective opinions, values, and life situations alter the route and navigation of challenging medical issues Amy artfully wrote at the intersection of science and emotion educating her readers and providing a guide f

  10. Valerie Staggs Valerie Staggs says:

    I am an avid reader of memoirs and I went into this one with very little knowledge about the BRCA gene except for the fact that Angelina Jolie has it yes, I m an avid People Magazine reader too This book explains what the BRCA gene is and all its ramifications in incredible detail which could be incredibly boring except that Shainman weaves the medical and scientific information into her personal story Following her as she discovers her family hist

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