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Return Fromworldwide bestselling fantasy author Morgan Rice comes RETURN, bookin a long anticipated science fiction series Can Kevin and Chloe survive alone in outer space Can Luna, alone on planet Earth, avoid capture All hope seems lost for Kevin and Chloe as their escape pod hurtles into nothingness, as they run out of rations and suppliesAll hope seems lost for Luna as the aliens outnumber and encircle her If there any hope left for humanity

10 thoughts on “Return

  1. Tony Crawford Tony Crawford says:

    Good ending to the story

  2. Julie Powell Julie Powell says:

    I was lucky enough to be given this book, here is what I thinkan enjoyable fantasy science fiction adventure with plenty of action and enough thoughts and feelings to make the characters believable.It s fast paced with interesting characters, and though it s for a younger readership, I think all ages would enjoy it.There are battles, good v evil, alternate philosophies

  3. Selaya Morton Selaya Morton says:

    Took a bit longer than I expected but I got there in the end This was and is a superb series for sci fi fans of all ages The ending was a little bittersweet but I think it was the right one To all those age group detractors I will simply say get over yourselves Whether a character is thirteen or thirteen hundred HOW old was Elrond supposed to be as long as the narrative is re

  4. Martin Ash Martin Ash says:

    Fantastic This is the third series of books by Morgan Rice that I have read They are all so varied and brilliantly put together, from sword and sorcery to Dragons and on to science fiction All worlds and characters so real I find it difficult to put one of Morgan s books down until it s finished A fantastic author and visionary.

  5. Scott Scott says:

    What an amazing series of books By far my favorite series by Morgan Rice You could not find a better mild Syfy series anywhere Great story to d by a master story teller The characters are well developed The plot keeps you glued to the book A true page turner An incredible journey that you might have to read a second time Great climatic ending to a great series Read these books.

  6. Elaine Plourde Elaine Plourde says:

    I don t think this book was meant for some one over sixty but I ended up reading the whole series in a little over a week I loved all the characters and it was nice reading a book with such innocents I like my thirteen year old grandson to read it I think he would really enjoy it.

  7. Debbie Debbie says:

    Loved it A very satisfying finish to this series.

  8. David Grimshaw David Grimshaw says:

    A great book with a great ending The last in a series from a great writer, a dawn good read for anybody that s into sci fi Keep them coming please.

  9. Craig Wakefield Craig Wakefield says:

    I am always on the look out for a fast paced series to get me jumping or should I say walking faster as I do my daily constitutional I selected The Invasion Chronicles without a lot of research I was not familiar with the author Morgan Rice so I thought I would take a chance What could be wrong with science fiction, aliens invading the earth, and even zombies being involved.I will be brief on this and the other

  10. Aurora Aurora says:

    Comments regarding audiobook narration I ve finished the series and enjoyed it Unfortunately the last audio book Return was narrated by a British gentleman and he was awful, awful, awful Totally offensive, the way he tried to mimic the voices of the young girls and the main character 13 year old boy I have no idea why he was hired to narrate this book The characters are from California At first, I had to check that I

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