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Wolfs Bane (Otherworld Stories #13.8) This book was exactly what I expected Kate s sassy humour with Logan s chillness all mixed together with the struggles of being a teenager Add some crazy supernaturals in the mix and you ve got a great book The only thing I wasn t expecting was that ridiculous cliffhanger How will I This was hard to rate I love Kelley s books writing and some of this was really great Reading a book from Kate and Logan POV was a highlight but I agree with a couple of other reviewers the Radish app isn t really for me, nor am I a huge fan of cliffhanger endings although I was expecting it since that is what usually happens in Kelley s books I have just been burned lately by books not being published when they are supposed to be or never published I felt I spent than I normally would on a YA book There was a lot going on and I hope that I can g Paperback Ebook Release Of 2018 S Serialized Novel About The Teen Children Of Elena Clay From My Otherworld Series When Kate And Logan Danvers Are Targeted By A Pack Of Australian Werewolves, They Aren T Nearly As Concerned Your Average Sixteen Year Olds Might Be The Twins Are Werewolves Themselves, Children Of The American Pack Alpha And Her Enforcer Mate For Kate And Logan, The Threat Is An Opportunity To Prove They Re Full Members Of The Pack Their Parents See It A Little Differently And Ship Them Off To A Supernatural Teen Leadership Conference While The Adults Handle The Australians.Level Headed Logan Is Disappointed At The Lost Adventure But Looks Forward To Making New Contacts In The Supernatural World Hot Tempered Kate Is Furious At Being Kept Out Of Battle And Anticipates A Torturous Week Of Team Building Exercises They Re Both Wrong.Instead, The Twins Find Themselves Thrust Into A Situation That S Quickly Devolving Into Anarchy What Seems Like Teen Hormones In Overdrive Becomes Something Much Dangerous, Even Deadly Add In A Strange Magic Warded Cabin In The Woods And A Local History Rife With Curses And Macabre Legends, And It Becomes Clear This Was A Really, Really Bad Place To Build A Camp For Teenage Supernaturals. I read this as an e serial on Radish and oh my God It was so amazing I was captivated from the first sentence and I love getting to read about the twins, Kate and Logan Being back in the otherworld is the best thing ever Kelley is a writing I read this as a serial and was hooked immediately Kate and Logan are whip smart but with completely different personalities Kate runs hot She s daring, quick tempered, and unafraid of failure But she s also hiding a secret, one that has the potential to get her killed Logan is a slow burn He s the diplomat, the consensus builder, and he doesn t understand why his twin, his best friend, has suddenly become so distant When their parents ship them off to an interspecies leadership camp both kids are annoyed but camp is nothing like they expect and I don t mean that in a good way It doesn t take them long to realize that they don t even understand the danger but they are willing to put up a fight I loved the character development and I wanted so badly to give this 5 stars I adore Kelley s Otherworld series, and Elena and Clay have always been my favourites I was so excited to see a story from the twins pov, at long last And for the most part, it s really good Exceptwell, there is a lot going on Too much at times and several things get mentioned and then ignored for a while before being mentioned again It s pretty frustrating at times when you just want to get in to the story But frustrating, was the ending Or lack there of Make no mistake, this is part 1 of 2 It ends with a serious cliffhanger and no resolution If you aren t a a fan of such endings, wait for book 2 to be released sometime in late 2019 I love seeing the twins older and learning about them and their roles in the Pack now This book was released as a serial on Radish and so the reading experience was spread out than usual, which can have the downside of sometimes reducing the urgency of some of the various mysteries.However, as always with Kelley Armstrong s work the world building was fantastic and the characterisation was wonderful As an old school Otherworld fan it was a delight to be back in that universe and to get little nuggets of information about old friends while getting to know the twins in their own right The story was pacy and very few chapters felt too slow Overall this was a great addition to the Otherworld, as well as a great YA book dealing with a variety of relevant issues such as online bullying, questions around sexuality etc, whilst maintaining an aut Aaaaaaargh I m only giving this 4 stars because the format episodes 3x week, then daily kind of drove me batty, THEN Armstrong left us dangling on this huuuuuge cliffhanger, and said we re done until July 2019 AAAAAAAAAAARGH O Update June 16th According to a post on the authors FB page, this book will be releasing in ebook paperback audio sometime in October of this year because it has an exclusivity deal with Radish until then This book is part of a duology, so book 2 titled Wolf s Curse will follow in ear Ughhh why did this have to end at such a cliffhanger Nothing got resolved I need to know where Paige is and if Kate, Logan, and everyone else will be okay

About the Author: Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstrong has been telling stories since before she could write Her earliest written efforts were disastrous If asked for a story about girls and dolls, hers would invariably feature undead girls and evil dolls, much to her teachers dismay All efforts to make her produce normal stories failed.Today, she continues to spin tales of ghosts and demons and werewolves, while safely locked a

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