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Natalie Tans Book of Luck and Fortune 4.5 What s that old saying you can never go home Maybe so, but what if home is exactly where you need to be Natalie Tan gets the call no one wants to receive Her mother has just passed away in San Francisco It s time to go back The trip made even difficult given the strained relationship she d always had with her mother Natalie had taken a considerably different direction in life than what her mother had hoped for Maybe Natalie will have a chance to heal old wounds and still follow her dreams at the same time I was a Tan woman My grandmother and my mother were strong Their strength was mine There are so many varying aspects to this book There is of course, the mandatory romance But with Natalie s love of cooking you re left salivating over all the delicious delicacies she creates So vivid in fact, at one point Susanne and I were both ready to call and place our orders at our favorite local take outs Do not read this book on an empty stomach On the serious sideRoselle Lim Has written a heartwarming, beautiful story that came together at the end in a way I never imagined Touched so deeply, I cannot stop thinking about the ending Bravo Once again I was left in a puddle of tears.A fabulous buddy read with Susanne Thank you to Elisha at Berkeley Publishing for an ARC to read and review. At the news of her mother s death, Natalie Tan returns home The two women hadn t spoken since Natalie left in anger seven years ago, when her mother refused to support her chosen career as a chef Natalie is shocked to discover the vibrant neighborhood of San Francisco s Chinatown that she remembers from her childhood is fading, with businesses failing and families moving out She s evensurprised to learn she has inherited her grandmother s restaurant.The neighborhood seer reads the restaurant s fortune in the leaves Natalie must cook three recipes from her grandmother s cookbook to aid her struggling neighbors before the restaurant will succeed Unfortunately, Natalie has no desire to help them try to turn things around she resents the local shopkeepers for leaving her alone to take care of her agoraphobic mother when she was growing up But with the support of a surprising new friend and a budding romance, Natalie starts to realize that maybe her neighbors really have been there for her all along. On sale now Review first posted on Fantasy Literature A bitter, ongoing quarrel with her mother about her career plans to be a chef led Natalie Tan to leave her San Francisco home in anger Seven years of stubborn silence and globe wandering later, Natalie is called home by a neighbor at her mother s passing She still deeply desires to be a chef and to have her own authentic Chinese restaurant, like her grandmother Qiao had done many years earlier, and now she ll have the chance Natalie has inherited her laolao s maternal grandmother s long abandoned restaurant below their apartment It s still operable, though dusty and dirty, but their Chinatown neighborhood is fraying, with family owned businesses dying and a steep rise in real estate prices causing Chinese families to move away A psychically gifted neighbor returns Qiao s old, handmade recipe book to Natalie, along with a prediction if Natalie cooks three recipes from the book to help three of her neighbors, as her laolao did many years ago, and is able to save these neighbors, her restaurant will be the jewel of Chinatown and the neighborhood will be revitalized Natalie is initially dubious and reluctant she feels like her neighbors had let her down when she was struggling to deal with her mother s agoraphobia years ago but she soon enters into the spirit of the endeavor, and magical things begin to happen when her neighbors eat her food.As I watched, fractures ran along the surface of their skin, reminding me of shattered porcelain The cracks deepened as they ate Once they were finished, tiny streams of glittering gold filled the cracks mending, repairing what was broken, and transforming it into something far beautiful It was similar to a piece of kintsukuroi I d picked up in Tokyo, repaired pottery that had been mended with gold.As Natalie begins cooking in Qiao s restaurant, the scent of fried dumplings even leads a handsome young man to her restaurant and her life But neither love nor her quest to help the neighborhood is as easy as Natalie had expected Natalie Tan s Book of Luck and Fortune is a charming, sweet tale with a dash of magical realism I expected something like The Joy Luck Club or a Chinese American version of Like Water for Chocolate What I got was like a literary version of a Hallmark TV romance movie It s so lightweight as to approach being fluffy, though the immersion in Chinese culture and food serves to give it some heft and make the story memorable Several Chinese recipes are included in the novel, and they and the luscious descriptions of Natalie s cooking made my mouth water The romance subplot wasn t particularly well developed or romantically satisfying I got far enjoyment out of reading about the plump prawns and tender steamed rice noodles and crunchy golden fritters Debut author Roselle Lim incorporates a few serious issues into her tale, including mental illness and the loss of ethnic urban neighborhoods Her writing is sometimes clunky phrases like gathering fog brewed at the base of the gate the way steam rises from a perfect bowl of noodle soup and hoping the fog would thicken like salted duck congee to conceal my arrival struck me as unintentionally humorous Natalie Tan s Book of Luck and Fortune is a warmhearted tale with an authentic Chinese voice, if not as deep and literary as one might hope Don t expect too much from this book and you may enjoy it Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC 4.5 starsWhat a wonderful book this was, full of emotion, hope, food, love, and even a little magic But be warned, you ll be craving Chinese food long after the book has ended Seven years ago, Natalie left her home in San Francisco s Chinatown after she and her mother disagreed about Natalie s choice to become a chef She wasn t willing to give up her dream and her mother forbade her, so Natalie left and hasn t spoken to her mother since that day While Natalie hasn t quite succeeded, she has had the chance to cook in many different parts of the world and realize how important cooking really is to her The best cooks doubled as magicians, uplifting moods and conjuring memories through the medium of food She is summoned home when her mother dies suddenly Although she had emotional problems and was agoraphobic, her death came as a surprise to those friends who cared for her Natalie is devastated that she never had the chance to make amends and let her mother know how much she loved her despite their disagreement.She is also surprised at how much her neighborhood has declined all of the businesses that used to flourish are now in decline and disrepair, and a overly zealous real estate agent is pressuring the tenants to sell so the neighborhood could be gentrified and converted into something new.Natalie s biggest surprise, however, is that she has inherited her grandmother s small restaurant, which occupied the ground floor of the building she and her mother lived in Natalie s mother refused to follow in her grandmother s footsteps, but in her will she decided to encourage Natalie s dreams after all, and encouraged her to reopen the restaurant, which was once the anchor of their community.The local seer tells Natalie she must cook three dishes of her grandmother s for three of their neighbors who are having trouble How can Natalie figure out which dishes to cook, and for whom Will cooking these dishes actually make a difference And why should Natalie care, when her neighbors left her and her mother to fend for themselves throughout her childhood Natalie Tan s Book of Luck and Fortune is a story about finding the courage to pursue your dreams no matter who stands in your way, and not giving up even when it seems every obstacle is trying to thwart you It s also a book about finding your place in your community, and recognizing that caring about a person doesn t always mean agreeing with all of their choices In the end, this is also a powerful story about secrets and how surprising it can be to learn the truth about things Dreams, even modest ones, had a steep price Mine had cost me my mother and given me the silence of seven years Now that silence could never be breached I tend to enjoy books with a little bit of magic thrown in to the plot Roselle Lim uses evocative imagery to convey the healing and restorative power of Natalie s cooking, as well as to describe emotions Her words are truly gorgeous and create such wonderful mind pictures Parts of this story warmed my heart, and parts made me cry.Sure, the story gets a little bit melodramatic from time to time, and you pretty much can predict nearly everything that will happen in this book But that barely mattered for me because of how much charm Natalie Tan s Book of Luck and Fortune had, how it tugged at my heart, and how the recipes included in the book made my stomach growl.This is a quirky, sweet, tremendously endearing book that may be the perfect change of pace you re looking for It s definitely a book I ll remember See all of my reviews at out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at Wishes are worth nothing because there s so many of them If they turned into stars, there will be no sky left There is something magical about books in the magic realism genre, I mean not literally because that would be obvious but I mean in my relationship with these books The first book I read in this genre was a big NO for me, the same for the second when I decided the genre is just not for me and I won t be reading books in it I read 3 books after that because I always realize that the book I am reading is MR later in the book and the publishers don t market the books as such Disclaimer I received an ARC of this book from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review This book is about Natalie Tan s adventure to restore her grandma s restaurant including all the challenges, secrets and relationships that she will face It is a book about food, but much than that I liked Lim s writing, she seems experienced and not an amateur, it didn t feel like a debut for me and I am reading adults books now which is a good thing because I am enjoying them and The book has some recipes that I felt eager to go and try and it put me in the mood to make some food It is not a cook book so you can just skim the preparation pages Be ware that you shouldn t read it while you are hungry though The characters were good too, I liked Natalie s character and how she was human, she had perseverance but she also had her bad moments, all of which made her realistic and not too perfect The romance is kind of an insta love but it is not central to the story so I could overlook that The magic realism part did not add much and I think the book would have been better if it was realistic without magic, some of the magic is that the food she cooks can bring effects to those who eat it such as happiness and romance etc There is also another magical part but I will skip it because I am keeping this spoiler free Summary the book is well written and did not feel like a debut, it was not perfect but I think it is a very good book for those of us who appreciate food, there were magical elements that where un necessary but an enjoyable experience all in all Many thanks to Berkely for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review Such was the beauty of sadness It turned the hollowness of the heart into something as beautiful as the loss it suffered Well, this is awkward Being sent ARCs is such a blessing that I can t even begin to describe but it always makes me feel so bad whenever I end up hating a book I m sent That said, they ask for honest And they re about to get it sorry, Berkley So, what s this book about Natalie Tan s Book of Luck and Fortune follows Natalie who has traveled back to her childhood home after her mother died Being back is digging up old memories that she wished would stay buried She doesn t want to be there at all That is, until she finds her grandmother s old cookbook She soon begins to cook recipies from it and starts to think about keeping up her grandmother s legacy and re opening her old resteraunt I was expecting hijinks, hilarity and hot kisses but I did not get that Natalie Oh my word I really, really hated her I think that what was meant to endear me ended up just annoying me For instance, she bakes a ton, which is fine, but when she starts to cause chaos with her baking which What We ll get into the magical realism in a minute , instead of stopping She thought My baking is f king everyone up You know what would help bAkInG Like, b tch did you not go to preschool Aside from her stupidity we also have her dumb trust issues I mean, I get trust issues I appreciate them being shown in a character as long as they re explained and the character grows or at least realizes they need to First off all, Natalie s trust issues are never really explained It doesn t make sense or endear the character if we don t know why Also, she never owns up to them I m not asking for perfection I just wanted her to, at least once, think Hmm, maybe I shouldn t be such an anti social jerk Like, she left her fiance on the f king alter and we never know why and she never apologizes or anything F king ridiculous Another staple for any good book is a plot The bones of a novel that keep it from falling apart This book did not have that and thus fell apart All the milk in the world wouldn t make this book s bone strong enough Yes, there were points where things happened but there was no overarching story, no end goal and nothing to look forward to Nothing to root against or for Though we get a inklings of what she wants, we never truly know what Natalie really wants In almost every good book I ve read, the main character has some deep wish, some dream but in this there really isn t anything Natalie s dream storage is emptier than my bank account And another thing, this book is marked as romance by a lot of my friends and on Goodreads This book is not a romance novel Yes, there is some slight chemestry between Daniel and Natalie but it doesn t amount to anything I wished that could have been developed because it had potiential but it was kicked to the curb by Natalie s selfishness On the note of genres, this book wasn t marked as magical realism which made me even confused It s heavily implied that the cookbook and it s recipies have magical qualities As well as the fact that everyone around her also believes in the magical food That said, it s never said out loud that any of the stuff is magic which could have been okay Like a is it real or is it not kind of situation But something about the way that it was done just made it feel off and confusing.Finally, I d like to end on the positive To begin, the writing is gorgeous I don t think I have ever read a book, let alone a debut, with such prose and talent that I found in the novel If I didn t know, I never would have pegged this as a debut If I had to guess, I would say this person has been writing for years and years Also, even though the book and plot as a whole didn t make much sense, somehow, it was still genrally captivating and enjoyable Overall, I didn t enjoy this book That said, I know a lot of other will so don t let my opinion slow you down from reading this bad, albeit well written, book Bottom Line 2.5 Stars TW AgorophobiaCover 4 5 Characters 2 5 Plot 2 5 Audio 1 5 She kept pausing after almost every sentence and it bugged me so much Genre Contemporary Magical RealismPublication Date Publisher Berkley Best Format Hardcover Paperback Goodreads Blog Twitch Pinterest Reddit Buy this book Such a cute, whimsical read Natalie Tan is a chef, though her mother never accepts the idea of that career The two have been estranged for than seven years when Natalie finds out her mom has passed away When Natalie returns home to her beloved Chinatown in San Francisco, she finds it not as exciting and well performing as it was in her youth She also finds out she s the beneficiary of her grandmother s restaurant Natalies visits the neighborhood seer who reads her tea leaves She says that Natalie must cook three recipes from her grandmother s cookbook in order to help her neighbors, as well as the restaurant Natalie has mixed feelings about helping these people who did not help her or her mother when she was growing up Natalie makes a friend who opens her eyes to those same neighbors and maybe gives her a change of heart about them Oh my goodness, what a fun, charming read I loved the recipes included and the sweet romance Food and cooking almost become characters in the story, and I love that I also enjoyed all the cultural aspects included Overall, Natalie Tan s Book of Luck and Good Fortune is as cute, whimsical, and charming as its cover I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog I absolutely loved this book It s warm and bubbly and filled with magic, community, and great food They need to make a movie of it, and you want to read it And then watch it. 5 Lovely Stars Be Still My Little Heart Natalie Tan s Book of Luck Fortune was completed unexpected, an absolute gem Once I started reading I completely fell for it and I think you will too Natalie Tan returns home to Chinatown upon the loss of her mother to whom she had not spoken in seven years Both had a falling out over Natalie s chosen career she wanted to be a chef like her Grandmother, Laolao Upon returning home, she finds that Chinatown is no longer prospering as it once was when her Grandmother Laolao s restaurant was running When Natalie finds a letter from her Grandmother telling her to cook three recipes from her cookbook to help three people on their block, Natalie knows that this is how she will revitalize their neighborhood Each recipe is filled with an intention, for peace, harmony, love and or luck People come from near and far when they smell her recipes as Natalie cooks with love and from her heart and everyone notices.Nothing comes easily for Ms Tan, but then nothing in life ever does My favorite part of this novel were the recipes written I fell in love with them and well, admittedly they made me a little hungry I don t think I m alone here when I say that, lol Natalie Tan s Book of Luck and Fortune is a novel about love, family, friendship and heart It is a novel about intention If you go into something with the right attitude and you believe, you can make it happen Thank you for the reminder Natalie, I take it to heart This was a fabulous buddy read with Kaceey We both really liked this novel and I am so glad that we read it together A HUGE thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing Group and to Roselle Lim for an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review.Published on Goodreads and on 7.14.19.Excerpt posted on Instagram.

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Roselle Lim was born in the Philippines and immigrated to Canada as a child She lived in north Scarborough in a diverse, Asian neighbourhood.She found her love of writing by listening to her lola paternal grandmother s stories about Filipino folktales Growing up in a household where Chinese superstition mingled with Filipino Catholicism, she devoured books about mythology, which shaped the fan

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