Audiobooks Darwins Sacred Cause By Adrian J. Desmond –

Darwins Sacred Cause An astonishing new portrait of a scientific icon.There is a mystery surrounding Darwin How did this quiet, respectable gentleman, a pillar of his parish, come to embrace one of the most radical ideas in the history of human thought Darwin risked a great deal in publishing his theory of evolution, so something very powerful a moral fire must have propelled him That moral fire, argue authors Desmond and Moore, was a passionate hatred of slavery They draw on a wealth of fresh manuscripts, correspondence, notebooks, diaries, and even ships logs to show how Darwin s abolitionism had deep roots in his mother s family and was reinforced by his voyage on the Beagle as well as by events in America Leading apologists for slavery in Darwin s time argued that blacks and whites were separate species, with whites created superior Darwin believed that the races belonged to the same human family, and slavery was therefore a sin.

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