Audiobooks Darwins Sacred Cause Author Adrian J. Desmond –

An Astonishing New Portrait Of A Scientific Icon.There Is A Mystery Surrounding Darwin How Did This Quiet, Respectable Gentleman, A Pillar Of His Parish, Come To Embrace One Of The Most Radical Ideas In The History Of Human Thought Darwin Risked A Great Deal In Publishing His Theory Of Evolution, So Something Very Powerful A Moral Fire Must Have Propelled Him That Moral Fire, Argue Authors Desmond And Moore, Was A Passionate Hatred Of Slavery They Draw On A Wealth Of Fresh Manuscripts, Correspondence, Notebooks, Diaries, And Even Ships Logs To Show How Darwin S Abolitionism Had Deep Roots In His Mother S Family And Was Reinforced By His Voyage On The Beagle As Well As By Events In America Leading Apologists For Slavery In Darwin S Time Argued That Blacks And Whites Were Separate Species, With Whites Created Superior Darwin Believed That The Races Belonged To The Same Human Family, And Slavery Was Therefore A Sin. Darwins Sacred Cause

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