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Creating Customer Loyalty Consumer facing and business to business organizations know that if they get their approach to customers right, they will be rewarded with unprecedented customer loyalty This will lead to increased market share, improved sales, an enhanced reputation and higher profitability Despite this, many of today s companies fail to recognize that the notable improvements in their service delivery are not keeping up with increased customer expectations Creating Customer Loyalty outlines simple, easy to understand strategies for creating a sustainable customer loyalty management programme that will win loyal customers.Demonstrating how to focus solely on the things that enable and enhance success, this book shows how to make loyalty a habit and structure a business that attracts and retains the best customers Using examples from both UK and international companies such as Lexus, Aldi, Dyson, The Ritz Carlton and Virgin Atlantic, Creating Customer Loyalty explains why customer experience management alone does not build lasting loyalty, and why customer expectation and customer memory management are essential It outlines how to make every occasion epic by removing those ouch moments, replacing them with wow experiences, and developing dazzling recovery techniques to create unforgettable stories and positive memories.

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