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The Loved Dead And Other Tales This second collection of C M Eddy, Jr s thirteen short stories showcases his Weird Tales creations together with a variety of other tales from that era Taken from the original handwritten manuscripts, they demonstrate the diversity and range he displayed as an author The thirteen stories in this volume run the gamut from horror The Loved Dead to detective mystery Sign of the Dragon to the supernatural Deaf, Dumb and Blind to name a few Many are reprinted together here for the first time since they graced the pages of the pulp magazines back in the early part of the th century

About the Author: C.M. Eddy Jr.

Clifford Martin Eddy Jr was an American author known for his horror, mystery and supernatural short stories He is best remembered for his work in Weird Tales magazine and his friendship with H.P Lovecraft https wiki C._M._E.

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  1. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    If Eddy hadn t been H.P Lovecraft s fellow ghost writer, walking buddy, and friend, he would be littlethat a brief footnote to the history of horror fiction But, since C.M and H.P werefriends, he warrants a long footnote at least Clifford Martin C.M Eddy, Jr vaudevill

  2. Bark Bark says:

    TBR for Audio Book Blast.This is a tale about a young boy who isn t like the rest He can t seem to find joy, emotional connection, or excitement in any of the pursuits that occupy his peers That all changes once he attends his first funeral and finds an insatiable lust for the

  3. Sandy Sandy says:

    Sometimes, it seems, a little notoriety can be a good thing Take, for example, the case of the legendary pulp magazine Weird Tales Though famously cash strapped for most of its 32 year run, during its earliest days, in 1923, things looked especially bleak for the nascent publication On

  4. XPHAIEA. XPHAIEA. says:

    Lovecraft s ghostwritten ode to necrophilia.

  5. Jessica Jessica says:

    It s midnight Before dawn they will find me and take me to a black cell where I shall languish interminably, while insatiable desires gnaw at my vitals and wither up my heart, till at last I become one with the dead that I love So begins the best short story I have ever read The Loved Dead, by C.M Eddy

  6. Metagion Metagion says:

    This book wasn t that BAD, it sof a H P Lovecraft knockoff than anything The stories are good, but dated I would read it if I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE to do I d skip it unless you re a Lovecraft fan PS Eddy and Lovecraft were good friends and maintained a lengthy correspondence until death.

  7. Oleksandr Fediienko Oleksandr Fediienko says:

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  8. John Meszaros John Meszaros says:

    Clifford Martin C M M Eddy, Jr was a pulp writer known today primarily for his tale The Loved Dead , which was extensively rewritten by H.P Lovecraft Eddy was a close friend both to Lovecraft and to Harry Houdini and even worked as a ghostwriter and investigator for the latter After the pulps vanished, Eddy s work was largely for

  9. Bri Lamb Bri Lamb says:

    Some really cheesy stories, and definitely a product of the times themes and ideas of the times as well as some plot points which were done just to be edgy for the early 20th century reader , but interesting for what it was worth.

  10. Amy Mills Amy Mills says:

    The cannibalism is metaphorical The POV character believes he draws in sustenance from the recently dead, but does not literally eat them If you don t believe the character on that point, then this is a straight up serial killer narrative Vaguely interesting, but overwrought.

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